MMG - Service Through Chocolate Ice Cream

This past week was a stressful one, and I wasn't as dedicated to serving Joe as I should have been. We had a lot going on, life didn't go as planned, and the most random adventures happened causing me a lot of frustration and made me a little selfish.

Service Through Chocolate Ice Cream

Last night, after our crazy weekend (more on that tomorrow), I was tired and grumpy, my feet were itchy and I just wanted to sit on my couch and watch the Tony Awards. While I was in the kitchen, Joe called out from the couch, "Can I have some ice cream please?" and even though I was slightly annoyed because I was over there getting the Benadryl stick to relieve the itching that had taken over my feet, I decided to be a good wifey and dished him up a big bowl of chocolate ice cream. He was so surprised when I brought it in, "You really did it?!" Obviously I don't serve him or do nice things near enough if he's surprised when I do... 

Marriage & Relationship Goals

Did you do any acts of service of your own over the past week? What things are you doing to serve your husband this week?