MMG - I Could Have Served Better

There are a lot of things I wish I'd done better this week. I'd like to blame my stress and everything that I had going on, but I promised myself that I would do things despite the crazy things going on and then I was a "grumpy cat wife" (according to the husband) and I made him take care of the dog a lot when it was probably my turn. (Our dog was a stinker this week, I was having a hard time dealing with him.) 

I did accomplish a few things off of my list at least. On a night when I had somewhere to be and husband was going to have to fend for himself at dinnertime, I decided to buy him some chicken and mashed potatoes at the grocery store while I was there. He was really excited about it, and even though it wasn't homemade mashed potatoes and steak, I decided that it could sort of count! And on Saturday, when I had an unexpected day off of work, I washed the laundry, put it away, and ran the dishwasher, all things that the husband would have normally been in charge of.

Marriage & Relationship Goals

Serving My Husband

  • Treat him as if he has "Handle with Care" stamped on his forehead.
  • Pray for him.
  • Focus on what he's doing right instead of the negatives.
  • Look for ways to laugh with him often.
  • Scratch his back after a hard day.
  • Give advice in a loving way.
  • Brag about him to other people, in front of him and when he's not there.
  • Make a good steak and potatoes (not the boxed, instant kind) meal for him.
  • Be sure to thank him and acknowledge whenever he does anything to serve me.
  • Take him on a date that includes everything that he'd enjoy.
  • Always have something available for him to take to work for lunch.
  • At least two days a week, look cute at night instead of changing into comfy clothes after work.
  • Compliment him on three things every day. Make him feel like a million bucks!
  • Flirt with him.
  • Invite him to go to dinner at Sizzler or Cafe Rio, two of his favorite restaurants that aren't my favorite.
  • Do some of the chores that I'd normally leave for him to do.
  • Put away his clothes after I wash all of the laundry instead of leaving it for him to do himself.
  • Take the dog out when it's his night to do it so that he can sleep instead.
  • At least one morning a week, let him sleep instead of watching the dog while I get ready for work.
  • Tell him how much I love him every day!

What goals do you have for your marriage this week?