Meeting Our Neighbors with a Yummy HELLO!

Thank you to Lindt for sponsoring today's story! All opinions are 100% my own.

I have an embarrassing confession to make. We've lived in our house for two months now and we have yet to formally meet most of our neighbors. To be totally honest, Howie has gone out of his way to meet more of them than we have. This week, that's all going to change!

Our first week here, I heard voices upstairs and was confused because I hadn't heard the door. A couple seconds later, the doorbell rang. I walked upstairs to find the front door wide open and two women standing there, and one of them had Howie in her arms. Our doorknob wasn't trusty so the door blew open while Joe and I were elsewhere in the house and that sneaky puppy had escaped. Apparently the neighbor's door was open as well because they found him in their house. Luckily, the husband recognized Howie from the many times we'd been over working on the house and sent them our way.

A few weeks later, a dog from across the circle noticed Howie when we were on a walk to the mailbox and came bounding eagerly toward us. Those two pups were so thrilled to meet each other, but the owner of the bigger dog was embarrassed about her dog's disobedience when she'd called to him/her to come back. I completely understood because I have an overly friendly dog of my own who ignores everything around him when there is someone or some animal that he really wants to greet.

Howie is obviously much better at introducing himself to the neighborhood than we are, moments like this happen frequently with him. Neither of these situations were weren't the way I planned to get to know the people living around us. My plan has always been to find time to make some cookies or bread, so I've been putting off our formal introductions. This week, I decided enough was enough, I wanted to get to know these people personally instead of as the owner of a wild but friendly puppy who has a need to eagerly meet anyone and everyone that he comes in contact with.

When I saw these Lindt HELLO premium chocolate bars and their fun, eye-catching packaging, I knew they'd be the perfect way to help me make a new connection! We're going to be living in this area for a while and I want to get to create a bond with our neighbors while we're here. Half the fun of where you live is the people that you live by. I've been told that to me, strangers are just friends that I have yet to meet. Who knows what a simple hello will start! These people could become some of our closest friends or people who we can rely on to check on Howie when we're out of town.

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How has a simple HELLO helped you create a new connection?