Marriage & Relationship Goals

This past week has been a terrible one for my goal. Last week I told you guys I was going to be better about not multitaskingwhen I am doing things with my husband, and really just in my everyday tasks. Between packing for our move, Joe working long and late shifts, and leaving for vacation, that's been a little out of the question. For one, we haven't really had much time together and what little we have had was spent packing, stressing and discussing our plans for the move and vacation. So really, I guess I should tell you that I've failed so far, and maybe this wasn't the best month to make this goal because there is going to be a lot of unpacking while I cook, clean, watch TV and try to spend time with Joe because I want to be all moved in before school starts the last week of this month.

We spent Sunday exploring a few different things on the west coast and we had a really great time! The whole trip has been tiring but a lot of fun so far. I might not be able to walk by the time we get home because two days in, my ankles and calves are already really sore, but it has been worth it! Saturday we walked almost 17,000 steps and climbed over 65 flights of stairs or walked up the equivalent in hills. It was brutal (I'm VERY out of shape right now) and I was so tired when we got back to our hotel, all I wanted to do was lay in bed, I didn't even have the energy to eat all of my dinner, even though I was really hungry. We sightsee until we drop in this family... literally. Anyway, I have a goal for the remainder of the week, one that has been inspired by our trip.

Point Bonita

We are vacationing in the bay area, and it is gorgeous! We drove to Half Moon Bay for church today and I couldn't get enough of that coastline. I also love the sights of San Francisco and the colorful, unique houses and architecture! Unfortunately, I have this terrible habit of checking my social media and my phone while I am in the car "bored". My dear friend Brooklyn wrote this awesome post last week that inspired me to turn off the cell phone notifications (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) so I'm not as distracted by my phone and am not looking at it constantly, every time someone likes a picture on Instagram, comments on my Facebook status' or Tweets back to me about something. When I have time and want to check my notifications, I can, but it doesn't invade my life as much.

For the remainder of my trip, I am going to try hard to not check my social media whenever I get a break. Standing in lines, sitting at a restaurant, driving in the car, etc. I want to enjoy the time with my husband, people watch, observe the scenery, experience life. I'm trying to get away from the "multitasking" issue I have with my phone and life, particularly the life that I am trying to enjoy with Joe. (This also includes texting.) I will enjoy my trip and the company a lot more if I would just leave my phone alone more and not feel like I'm "bored" when we aren't doing anything specific.

What are your goals for the week? How did you with last week's goals?

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Marriage & Relationship Goals