Marriage & Money - Couponing

Last month, Joe briefly talked about how I like to save money using coupons, so I thought maybe I would tell you more about that this month! I am not one of those extreme couponers, and I could probably spend a few more minutes organizing and planning my purchases around the coupons that I have so that I can save more money, but sometimes I just really don't have time for that and I just have to be happy with the amount of money that I do save!

Marriage & Money

On Sundays, while we are at my mom's house, I cut whatever coupons I know I'll use out of her ads since I don't subscribe to a newspaper of my own. We do our grocery shopping at Target for a few reasons, one of them being the extra 5% off we get for using our Target debit card. A few stores have online coupons that you can print (or add to your rewards card) and use in their store, usually in addition to manufacture coupons that you'll find in your newspaper or on other websites. I always print off coupons off as well as Swagbucks (powered by so that I can earn swagbucks while saving money!

There are also a few couponing apps that I've started to really love!

Ibotta is my most recent find, after you make a purchase you take a picture of your receipt and scan the item to earn money back.

Cartwheel by Target is my newest favorite app because I get 5-25% off my purchases on top of coupons and already low priced Target brand stuff. (I saved $6 on my favorite maxi dress this summer thanks to that app.) And even though I haven't had much time to use it lately, I still really love learning kicks with the

Shopkick app, it's really easy to earn and almost like a scavenger hunt through the store!

What are your favorite couponing techniques, apps or resources?