Look for Grounds for Marriage in Your Relationship

When I was a teenager, I collected quotes. I had a word file that I would update every time I found a new quote that I liked, and at one point, I even printed them all and kept them in a binder. I got rid of my quote collection a long time ago, but I'm still a big fan of them. Every room in my house ends up decorated with at least one quote and I have never been able to pick a favorite. Recently though, I think I've found one of my very favorite marriage quotes. The first time I read it, I thought it was good but the more than I ran across it, the more I liked it.

Find grounds for marriage in your life

Last year I wrote a post sharing my "anti-divorce list", all of the reasons that I would never divorce Joe. Most of them were more joking than serious, like "he knows all of my secrets, I have to keep him close", etc. But ever since I heard this quote, I've been thinking about that list a little bit more seriously. All of the things on my anti-divorce list are still true, but I've started searching for those little things that Joe does each day that provide me with "grounds for marriage".

The more that you focus on the positive, the more you notice the positive. If you are looking for reasons to be upset with your spouse, you are going to find them. If instead, you look for more reasons to love your spouse, you will find more and more reasons to love each other on a daily basis. Your marriage will grow stronger the more that you search for those grounds for marriage.

Instead of creating a list of reasons to get divorced, keep a list of reasons to stay married.

Below are just a few of the things that I've added to my "grounds for marriage list" recently.

Joe cares about my personal endeavors so much that he made big sacrifices and took on a lot of extra responsibilities over the last year so that I could accomplish the goals that I'd set.

Joe knows me and thought of a goal-setting date night activity recently that he knew I'd love because it had meaning for our relationship and involved planning.

Joe keeps me grounded and helps me to think things through rationally rather than over-analyzing them.

Joe knows how to break the tension when I'm upset or frustrated.

Joe is ambitious and a hard worker. When he tackles a project, he doesn't do anything halfway and works until the project is complete.

Joe is the greatest daddy to our little Bensen and I know will be a great daddy to our little girl when she arrives this fall.

This week, start creating a "grounds for marriage" list! Make note of every thing your spouse does that makes you love them more. Remember, the more you seek out the positive, the more you will find it! Share your list during the spouse portion of your weekly family meetings or the next time you have companion inventory.

What are some of the things that you would add to your list right now?