Long Distance Relationships

A few of you have asked me questions about long distance relationships, and while I haven't had really any experience with them, I know people who have! My friend Ashley who blogs at From A to Z was away from the love of her life for two whole years, talk about difficult! I asked her to write about it and how to make the best of it and she delivered beautifully!

When Brady and I first started dating, I had no idea the next 2 years of our relationship would be long distance. Brady served an LDS Mission in Manchester, England. It was so hard but yet so wonderful.

Brady never let me forget he loved me. He always made sure that I felt special and that I always knew he was there for me. Long distance relationships are hard but they are rewarding at the same time. I decided to share some tips for those who are in long distance relationships.

Long Distance Relationships

Letters - Write letters! Handwritten letters can really make a difference. There is just something about that pen and paper that really touches the soul. Letters are fun to get in the mailbox, and it is more personal with the handwriting. I really loved getting letters. Brady and I put our stamps upside down as the symbol of I love you on our envelopes! We also shared what was going on through our weeks or we would share pictures.

Packages - These are always fun! You can be as creative as you can get! I have seen some pretty amazing package ideas on Pinterest! Also, sending packages are a great way to get gifts mailed somewhere, or a bunch of small things that mean a lot to the two of you! Plus, what a fun way to spoil your loved one than with a package?

Skype - This is becoming pretty popular now with lds missionaries, and is a great tool for others in long distance relationships. As hard as it is to say goodbye, it's fun to see someone moving on the other side instead of just ink on a piece of paper. Skype is a great way to see each other for free!

Live Your Life - Don't put your life on hold because your loved one is far away. Don't put your life on hold because this person is currently living their life. Get out and be. My mother used to always tell me that, "Go. Do. Be." Finish school, get a new job, cut your hair, get a puppy, travel the world, teach English in China. Do something! Be something! You can go far when you show your loved one you are still accomplishing things in life.

Long distance relationships can be hard and others don't really understand, but if you love that person enough to make that sacrifice it is possible. I dated while Brady was gone and it was hard. All I wanted was for every single one of them to be him, but they weren't, and it made waiting for him easier. I still went to school, got a grown up job and took care of myself. It is worth it, and you can do it. There isn't a certain way to have a relationship or "wait" for someone. Just be yourself, remember you still have a life to live, but love with your whole heart like you never have before.