Let's Talk About In-Laws

I'm here to tell you that in-laws don't have to be as dreadful as people make them out to be, they can be a lot of fun and some of the greatest people to spend time with.  I'm not just saying that because my sister-in-law is most likely reading this post...) Sure, we have moments of annoyance and don't always agree with the choices that everyone else makes, but I never dread spending time with them or wish we didn't live so close.


Why my In-laws are More Than Bearable

I feel comfortable hanging out with them, even if my husband isn't around. If he's going to be late to a birthday party or on one of the rare Sundays that he has to work, I go by myself and don't mind it at all.

My nieces and nephew are the cutest, just saying! They say the funniest things, give the best hugs, and love to come hang out at my apartment. I love looking at the the picture above and seeing how they've all changed since it was taken two and a half years ago. My oldest niece (the beautiful blonde on the bottom left) is almost as tall as me now and she's quickly becoming a teenager, I'm always jealous of her hair and her clothes, etc. And the baby in the back is three now and the spunkiest little girl ever. Those two standing in front of me are still best friends, and they're pretty entertaining. They both have awesome personalities and a lot of attitude sometimes, but they have the most tender hearts. The blonde holding my bouquet is the biggest hugger of them all, she loves to snuggle and be loved. And the brunette standing in front of Joe (I think she's the only brunette of the bunch) is silly, girly and fun!

We've gone on vacations together and we all came back loving each other. We went to Disneyland with all but one sister-in-law and her family last October and had a lot of fun, with minimal drama! And we all got together for a family reunion this summer that was fun. If you can travel with family and still want to see each other afterward, life is good.

My sister-in-laws and mother-in-law and I have spontaneous girl's nights. We go to dinner and sit and chat for a long time, it's always a lot of fun!

Joe and I go on regular date nights with his oldest sister and her husband and we always look forward to them. My brother-in-law and I bought season tickets to a local dinner theater for our spouses for Christmas last year and we renewed them again this year. It's a lot of fun and we've had some fun adventures.

They all accept Howie as our child and the cousins are so excited to see him when he comes with us on Sundays. Howie gets so excited to see them too! He knows as soon as we park the car, that we are at grandma's and he'll get to play with kids. We could open the car door and let him out without a leash without worrying about him running away because he heads straight for the front door and as soon as we open it he races through the house greeting everyone he sees. He's really spoiled there. Joe's mom even calls to see if she can stop and visit her grandpuppy when they're out for date night in our neighborhood. I think they all secretly love the puppy more than us. ;)

Puppy Cousins

^^ Howie with his cousins when he was a little puppy

Don't let the cliche determine your personal opinion of in-laws. Give them a chance and you'll find lots of reasons to like them!

What do you love about your in-laws?