Laughing Together - Marriage & Relationship Goals

The first time that joe and I officially met (no, not the time I was a creeper in Part I of our story), one of the first things that we did was laugh together, and we've been laughing ever since. Most of the time Joe is laughing at something ridiculous I've said or done, but I'm always laughing right along with him, so it's ok! I've tried really hard to have fun and laugh with my husband this past week, even through the stress and craziness of life.

Our silly pup keeps us laughing (except last night when he was being naughty), he's the best little ball of fluff and fun! Recently he's been "burying" his Milkbones and Dentastix all over the apartment and it is the most entertaining thing ever to watch! When you give him one, he immediately runs to one of his many hiding spots, scratches around a little bit, puts the treat in the corner and then uses his nose to "bury" it using the carpet, blankets or wood floor. He never leaves them there very long, ten minutes later he always comes back to dig them up, and move them to the next hiding spot.

Hungry Puppy

Cheerios are one of Howie's favorite human foods to eat, just the plain ones, and I'm starting to think that was a mistake because one night I sat down with a bowl of Cheerios and he immediately jumped into my lap and shoved his face into my cereal. I had to give him a pile of his own to munch on because otherwise, he would have kept trying to eat mine, milk and all.

Joe and I have even been laughing over the stupid things that I've done. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my lovely injury from the other day. We've been putting up our puppy gate at night so that we can watch TV or play on our cell phones before bed (shame on us) and not have to go check on the dog every few minutes (because he's really good at getting into trouble). Wouldn't you know, I forgot that it was up, walked around the corner, crashed into it and took it down to the ground with me. Needless to say, I have multiple bruises, my right knee was torn apart and I laid there on the floor crying (because it really, REALLY hurt) until Joe realized that the loud noise wasn't me throwing the gate in anger, and if I wasn't so mad and in pain, I might have laughed when he walked around the corner to find me lying there and said, "Wife, what happened?!"

Accidental Injury

After I was all bandaged up, and washed what little eye makeup was left off my face off, we went out to investigate the damage I did to the gate. Joe is sure that I won the war (I disagree), and we both got a good laugh about it, (even though I was still crying a bit). The more I tell the story, the funnier it becomes. I'm just clumsy, let's face it, and like husband says, it was a user error accident for sure! I'm glad that I have someone to laugh about the stupid things in life with! (P.S. My left knee is finally bruising, so I feel like my injury is legitimate and I wasn't crying over nothing.)

Sunday night when we were watching Ridiculousness, and they showed one of my favorite YouTube videos ever! I LOVE this, even though after I've laughed for a bit, I usually get teary eyed because I'm so excited for that cute little girl. I know what it feels like to be so excited for something you've waited for so long that you cry...

What were your goals this week?

How do you and your husband find ways to laugh together?

Do you have favorite funny YouTube videos?

Marriage & Relationship Goals