Just a Little Post

We haven't really done anything grand and extravagant this week that I should post about, but I haven't updated in a while, and I still haven't put together posts of the wedding (shame on me), so I thought I'd just create something off the top of my head and maybe someone will be interested in it!

Things We Enjoy Together:

  • Late Night Walks - Most of our first "dates" were walks later at night and then we sit on the swings at Smoot Park and talk until we couldn't feel our feet anymore.
  • Going Out To Eat - We don't do this as much now that we're married, mostly because we get time to ourselves at dinner every night, but it was our favorite while we were dating because it gave us an hour of uninterrupted us time to talk and laugh. Some of our more frequented places are Joy Luck, Salt City Burger, and Cafe Rio.
  • Watching TV Series - We started 'The Office' together when we were engaged and are almost done with all of the seasons so far. We have a lot of other series on our list to watch though, so we'll probably never run out.
  • Movie Nights - After lots of work and homework and especially while I had mono, this was the most appealing date night a lot of times. Joe's introduced me to a lot of great movies this way and I've attempted to introduce him to some of my favorites.
  • Laughing - Joe's favorite thing to do is sneak up on me when I know he's coming or stand directly outside the bathroom door and wait for me to come out and he can always make me jump and usually scream too, even when I know that he's there and shouldn't react. Joe loves to tickle me and we love to joke around and laugh over really stupid things each other does.
  • Visiting Our Families - Sunday dinner is usually at my parent's house. Dinners with everyone are never quiet and there is never a dull moment. My siblings and I definitely have a great dynamic! Sunday nights are spent at Joe's parent's house with everyone. Cuddling with nieces and the nephew is always fun and the conversation is never boring. (Joe's sister usually ends up in tears because she's laughing so hard!)
  • Road Trips - Most of our "road trips" are small and just to the south end of the valley, but we still have a lot of fun! The big road trip that we've been on together was to Southern Utah! Despite the fact that I had a million different things wrong with me and was getting impatient for Joe to pop the question, we had a lot of fun visiting Joe's grandma and spending three full days together! We want to go on more road trips, but work always seems to get in the way.
  • Date Nights with Friends - We've gone bowling, to dinner, had a barbecue, had game nights, gotten ice cream, made dinner and watched a movie, etc. Date nights with other couples, is always a blast!
  • Sunday Relaxation - Sundays are our favorite because it's our one day off during the week that we get to spend completely together. We get to sleep in and then we'll relax on the couch together and I make breakfast (I love making breakfast) and we lounge until we have to get ready for church. I'm not so excited for 9 o'clock church when our sleep in time goes away, but we'll adapt. Joe's excited to be able to come home from church and eat lunch and then take a nap before we go visit our families; I guess it does sound really appealing.

I'm so excited to keep finding new traditions and things to do together, especially holiday traditions, those are always my favorite!

What are some of your hobbies as a couple?