It's Been a Bit of a Fixer Upper

We have been homeowners for two months now and have yet to move into our house. When we bought the place, we knew it needed a lot of fixing before it would be livable, but at this point, we're ready for it all to be done. Between demolition, prep work and projects, we spend more time at our house than we do at our apartment and it will be nice not to have to pack things up and go home at the end of a long night.

^ Cutting baseboards ^

There will still be plenty to do after we move in, but those will be fun, decorative projects that I'm antsy to work on! So far we have new floors (we didn't do this one ourselves), Joe's run wires for his home networking system, the banisters and mantle have been stained, the kitchen cabinets are painted and my board and batten is all put up in the front room and the main floor has new baseboards and door frames. It feels more and more like a home with every project we finish.


^ Just hanging out in the pantry, scraping glue off the walls ^

The yard is a whole other story. The lawn is a decent length, most of the weeds are gone and half of the trees have been chopped down. We need to reseed, cut down the rest of the trees that we don't want, grind up the stumps, and clean up a few more areas. I can't wait until it looks good enough to have people over for parties! Howie loves having a huge, fenced in yard to play in. Every time we're over there, he runs in and out and in and out. I actually think he loves having stairs more than he does a yard though. He is so worn out by the time we leave every night because he goes up and down those things a million times, exploring and making sure nothing has changed. I think he loves helping with projects.

^ This is Howie's idea of helping paint cabinets. He wanted to lay here all day ^

I don't want to give away too much about the house because I plan on doing a big home reveal once everything is mostly finished and we're moved in and decorated, but I decided that because you guys are awesome and I'm super excited to show off how great my house is starting to look, I will give you a sneak peek of two areas of the house today! :) (Ignore the poor picture quality on the afters. It was late at night, we don't have power to most of the house so it's not well lit, and my phone camera is no bueno.)

^ Front Entryway Before/After. It still needs to be painted, but this is the project we finished this week. Joe also demoed all of the tile in that top picture. It was a beast!

^ The banister area between the kitchen and family room. Again, still needs to be painted and a little bit of work, but you can already see a huge difference!

Fixing this house up to feel brand new and be something that is ours has been brutal and I never want to do it again. Even though it's been difficult, I love that we've done some of the projects by ourselves. It makes me appreciate those areas of the house a little bit more and is something that I'll be really proud to show off when people come over.

Have you done any home renovation/fixing recently? Or do you have some other "fixing" that you've been doing in your life lately. Come linkup with Lauren and I for Friday's Favorite F Words below.

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