Intentional Date Night - Marriage & Relationship Goals

Last month's goal was to not let technology interfere with my marriage and not use my phone or computer as much when my husband is home. The day I posted about the goal, I found out that I needed to start classes that semester, which started that day, and my goal kind of went out the window With two night classes each week, the time I have to sit down and work on homework is limited. I blog on Sundays while Joe is taking a nap and I try to do most of my homework before he gets home, but sometimes that doesn't always work the way I plan it to. I did find a way to have my phone automatically shut itself down every night and I'm hoping that will encourage me to pay more attention to my husband every night after he's home from work and I've finished my assignments.

^^My two favorite boys

Because of our weird schedules, having a regular date night every weekend is hard for us to do. We used to plan one every Wednesday afternoon/night because it's both of our days off, but I have a night class on Wednesdays and volunteer hours for school most of those afternoons. I was rereading a post from my favorite Bethany Grow about prioritizing date night and then my dear friend Jana set a goal in January to have regular date nights and I decided that needed to be my goal for the month. 

I think it's possible for us to find time every week to have fun, meaningful date nights even with our busy lives. Our fall back date has always been dinner and a Redbox, and while it's fun and relaxing, we haven't really been thinking outside the box. That's one of the reasons I started my Date Night Bucket Lists, to add variety to our dating life and help us make more memories together. I love Jana's ideas for splitting up the responsibility of planning date night and staying with in a reasonable budget. Bethany's article fits well with my goal for last month and my desire to pay more attention to my husband. 

I can't wait to report back next month and fill you in on our fun date nights and how we were able to work them into our crazy schedule!

What are your goals to build up your relationship this month?

Marriage & Relationship Goals