I Just Hadn't "Met" Him Yet

So... I'm an odd ball, I like to picture portions of my life as a music video to different songs. Any time I hear Michael Buble's 'Haven't Met You Yet', I think of how husband and I "met".

In my version of this music video, you'd see Joe and I in a classroom. I'd be staring at him and he'd be chatting away with his friends, oblivious to me. You'd see me scootering down the street, past his house and past that little red truck of his that always made me smile. You'd see me with a couple of kids, peeping out the window at a lawn care crew, and the camera would zoom in on Joe, mowing lawns with his signature strut. There'd probably be other moments, and maybe it would show him sit next to me at institute or notice me every once and a while when I'm "stalking" him. But it would end where it started, with me staring at Joe and he and his friend chatting away. He'd have no clue that his future spouse is sitting a couple rows away from him, really wishing he'd say hello. And I'd be thinking that he was just another guy to crush on but never really get to know.

That's the music video that I see in my head every time I hear this song. Read the story of when I was a creeper, that's the story that my "music video" is usually based on.

What would your theme song be if your love story were set to music?