I Can't Get Enough Quality Time - Marriage & Relationship Goals

Last week I mentioned that I took the Love Languages test again and discovered my top two languages have changed a bit. Even though physical touch has been pushed out of place by acts of service, my top love language has been and probably always will be, quality time. January's goal was to cut back on technology in my marriage and February's was to have more intentional date nights. This month I've decided to somewhat combine those and focus on spending more quality time with my husband.

Quality Time

Joe and I were getting ready to watch our traditional Sunday afternoon movie yesterday and he told me that he was going to watch it "wife style". I didn't know what he meant until he pulled out his computer and then it clicked. I rarely watch a movie or TV without my laptop in front of me or my planner. I am always doing homework, blogging or making plans. For some reason I can't stand to just sit and watch a show, I have to be doing something productive at the same time. 

I set great goals over the past two months and I've kind of just let them die. Joe got home from work at a decent time the other night so we cooked a frozen pizza and sat down to watch Thor. He sat on one section of the couch and I sat on the other. He played with Howie during the movie and I was doing who knows what on my laptop. Technology was interfering, our date night wasn't intentional and the time we were spending together wasn't quality at all. It was kind of a waste of a perfectly good night that we could have enjoyed a lot more.

Late Night Snuggles

As I'm writing this post, Joe is watching The Walking Dead with his brother but we are cuddling together on the couch. Usually I'd be in my bedroom watching a chick flick while I blog, but hanging out with my husband is a lot nicer.

With our crazy schedules and all of my homework, we don't have as much time to spend together as I'd like. Lately we've had a lot of unexpected opportunities to hang out, and it's been nice. My goal this month is to make the most of what time we do get to spend together. I want to have more quality conversation every day, take long walks with our puppy late at night and snuggle with Joe while we watch our TV shows, no laptop, no phones. I want to incorporate the last two months of goals as well. I'm going to put my technology away while we hang out if I don't have homework that has to be done. And when we plan a date night, it's date night and it's going to be intentional!

What are your goals for this month?

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