How We Keep the Spark Alive in Our Marriage

This June, Joe and I will celebrate our three year anniversary! In a way, I feel like we are still newlyweds but other times I feel like the excitement and newness of our marriage has worn off. Keeping the spark alive is important to me; I don't ever want to feel like my husband and I are just roommates, even though I do feel lazy in my marriage sometimes.

Last week, on Put a Bird on It, I shared a few ways that we can keep the spark alive in our marriages. Today I want to share how Joe and I have personally put those ideas into action to improve our own marriage!

You can keep the spark alive, no matter how long you've been married.

Weekly Date Night

I wish we could have a set night every single week that we know is date night, no ifs, ands or buts. Our busy schedules don't allow for that, so we have to take them as they come. Date nights are something that we can always be better at. I try to leave my cell phone in my purse or at home during designated date night time so I can focus on Joe and enjoy the time that we have together. I also make an effort to look extra beautiful for date night so he knows that time is special to me.

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Romantic Getaways

We try to go on one or two getaways every year, and it's usually just for a night or two. With our busy schedules, we appreciate that time together and like to spend it relaxing and enjoying each other's company. We usually stay at a bed and breakfast with a romantic, cozy atmosphere. I always come home feeling refreshed and not wanting to return to normal life.

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Some of my favorite traditions involve holidays and our birthdays. Our birthdays are exactly two weeks apart so we like to go on a getaway over the weekend in between. The week of Christmas, we get hot chocolate and drive around town looking at everyone's lights while we listen to Christmas music and talk. To celebrate the end of another semester of classes for me, we go out to eat at one of our favorite, but more expensive restaurants.

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Dream/Plan for the Future 

We love to plan for the future! Our favorite thing to talk about is the house we plan on building together. It will be the place our family feel safe, our friends can come to have fun, and where we make memories together so we have big dreams for it. Discussing future vacation plans, something we want to save up for, or changes we're going to make in our lives makes me happy!

Happy Marriage

How do you keep the spark alive in your marriage?