How Travel Made My Marriage Better

I'm excited to have Kara from Peek-a-boo Travel here sharing with you all today! I met Kara on one of the many Facebook groups that I am apart of. She and I quickly bonded and I was really excited when she approached me about writing a post for the blog. I live vicariously through her travel posts and have a lot to learn from her when it comes to planning vacations and doing them on a budget!

When Nic and I were first married, money was tight. We had a goal to finish school debt free, which was challenging but we somehow did it! However, that goal made it hard to have fun money wise. We both loved to go on road trips and vacations but those desires had to be put on hold. After 2 years of being married, I was itching to get out and see the world with the love of my life! I started scanning for travel deals and wallah, I found a $250 trip to Disneyland (airfare, hotel and breakfast included). I was so excited to tell my husband but totally afraid of the money talk that would arise.

We ended up having a serious talk about finances and living life. We went over the pros and cons of how our tax refund money could be spent on the trip or put away in the small savings that we had. Then we came to the conclusion that we had to live life a little along the way. We took the trip and it was a fantastic way to bond and get away from the stress of working and school.

Throughout the years of our marriage, the continual travel itch pops in my head and I look for deals and we get to have the "talk" all over again. Our finances have changed over the years, sometimes allowing for Hawaii trips and other times we take a simple road trip close to home. But no matter the situation we find ourselves in, we have clear communication on what is important to us and how to make it happen.

Our motto in our marriage is experiences/memories over things. There were times we wanted to furnish our new house a bit better or get a new car or cell phone but we ended up holding back. We gave up things that we felt we could do without, such as having the newest cell phone or cable. It allowed us to travel and make so many memories as a couple! Having a goal to travel ended up helping us make the most of our money as we saved and prepared.

We have no been married for 9 years and can look back on all the memories we have made together. We certainly don't remember how great our couch was but we do remember swimming with dolphins or that road trip to Yellowstone. I am so grateful that travel was the first financial hurdle in our lives as it has shaped our marriage for the better. We create the opportunity to travel by aligning our finances and we soak up the precious hours we get to spend with each other away from the distractions of the world.

Have you chosen to give up things as a couple to travel?