How to: Make Your Husband's Day

Because Valentine's day is tomorrow, I've been thinking of things every day this week that I can do to make Joe's day better. I started to think that maybe I should make a habit of finding at least one thing to do each day to make his day a great one! I've started compiling a list of ideas as they come to me so that on days when I can't come up with something on my own or want to do something more exciting, I'll have a bunch of ideas to refer back to. It's all about being more intentional with my thought toward Joe and always finding ways to show him that our relationship with each other takes priority in my life.

Make Your Husband's Day
  1. Buy his favorite treat - For Joe, this would include any of the following: Reese's, beef jerky, Apple Beer, Mt. Dew, Vanilla Coke or a donut.
  2. Make his favorite meal - For Joe, this would include any of the following: Beef Stroganoff, potatoes and gravy, Broccoli Cheese Casserole, or steak.
  3. Do his chores for him - In our house, the things that Joe does on a regular basis are: vacuum, wash the laundry, clean the bathrooms and load the dishwasher.
  4. Spend time doing something he loves - Some of the things I thought of that Joe would enjoy doing together are: Nerf gun wars, go on a walk, play video games, watch an action move, or watch a political or historical documentary.
  5. Pack a lunch for him - Most days Joe takes leftovers, but sometimes we don't have any and he ends up buying lunch. I know he'd appreciate a sandwich with some fruits or veggies and a treat packed by me because he doesn't usually have time to make his own lunch before he leaves.
  6. Plan a date night just for him - To do this for Joe, I'd include things that he loves (even if I may love them to). Dinner at Sizzler, Texas Roadhouse, Taco Bell or Cafe Rio would be on the list. Next we'd go to the driving range, bowling, to the shooting range or to see the newest movie that he's been talking about going to. And we'd finish the night with ice cream.
  7. Put your phone away and just listen - Joe and I are both really big talkers, and when he gets excited about something, he can talk about it for quite a while. I try to stay focused on him, but when I don't understand some of the things he's telling me, sometimes I get distracted and check my phone in the middle of the conversation. I know he loves it when I really take the time to pay attention and ask questions so that I better understand what he's talking about instead of just listening.
  8. Scratch his back or rub his feet for longer than five minutes - I love it when Joe plays with my hair or massages my feet but I know that it's not his favorite thing in the world. The one thing that Joe loves more than almost anything else is a good back scratch and that's not my favorite thing to do either. I usually stop after a few minutes, but the longer I scratch his back, the happier he is. And if I stop, he gives me his best pouty face.
  9. Let them dream big - I've noticed that Joe really loves to tell me all of his ideas and he loves it even more when I validate them and help him think of ways that we can make those dreams a reality.
  10. Smile and laugh together - Married life is full of big decisions and adult responsibilities, but that doesn't mean that every day has to be a serious one. Joe loves to joke around and make light of serious situations and he calls me "Serious Wife" when I choose to focus on the adult things rather than taking the time to have a little fun and laugh with him. I never regret the times when I set aside my thoughts and take a minute to laugh and joke with him instead.
Happy Husband

What are some more simple ways that you make your husband's day?