How Marriage & Being Married to Joe Changed Me

Marriage is a lot different than single life, but I'm sure that's not a surprise to anyone. My lifestyle, the way I think about things, my schedule, everything changed when I got married. I'm not sure I noticed it at first, because everyone says that marriage is a huge adjustment and I really didn't feel like it was. But when I think about my life four years ago when I was single compared to a year later when I was in a serious relationship and then a year later (or even now) when I'm married, there are so many things that have changed.

Single Life

Once upon a time, I was blonde, tan and skinny and I had pretty nails. :P 

My spending habits have changed dramatically since I met Joe. Our views on money aren't something we keep a secret, we talk about them pretty freely to whoever wants to listen. Money is an exciting topic for us, minus a few squabbles here and there, and we love budgeting and planning for the future. When I was single, I saved a bit and worked to pay off debt, but I wasn't as dedicated to it as I am now. The longer we are married, the more frugal I've become. I never go shopping without a handful of coupons and my Cartwheel app and the envelope system has made a huge difference in how frivolously I spend and the things I justify purchasing. We balance each other out pretty well, but Joe is quickly turning me into a saver.

I used to have plans with friends every single night of week but my nights now are spent at school, or taking care of married responsibilities. When I was single, I couldn't stand not having plans or hanging out by myself that often. Friday and Saturday nights were my favorite night of the week because everyone could hang out and there were always parties. Now you'll find me on my couch in my pajamas the second I get home on Fridays. The weekend is my time to relax and do nothing, except for the occasional date night or group date with friends. Joe usually works later on the weekends and by the time he gets home, there isn't time for much more than a quick dinner and maybe a movie from Redbox.

I'm not as active and as a result, I've gained a lot of weight. Maybe it's because I've got my man and don't feel the need to stay in the best shape of my life. It's time consuming to be a wife, maintain a household, work full time, get an education and enjoy life and unfortunately being active has taken the backseat to all of that. I'm hoping now that I'm a little more settled in my schedule, I can start at least taking the dog on walks every day next week (provided it doesn't snow). The picture above was taken the summer before I met Joe. I was working part time, I hadn't started school yet, I went running every day and sometimes walking in the morning and I spent a lot of time out having fun rather than on my couch doing homework.

Married Life

Other ways Joe has changed me:

  • I've learned that my way isn't always the only way to do things.
  • I cook less exotic type foods because he likes things simple.
  • I watch more action movies than I ever did before.
  • I am constantly giggling over the ridiculous things he says or does.
  • I appreciate a freshly cut lawn with straight lines and clean edges

How has marriage or your husband changed you?