His & Her Q&A #13

I kind of loved doing this Q&A thing with Joe a few weeks ago, even though it's not his favorite. And I give huge explanations for ever question and his answers are just a sentence long so it looks silly. But I learned a few new things about him and us while we were answering them. Much to Joe's dismay, we are going to continue doing this every time a new set of questions is posted! And I'm slowly working on having us answer all of the previous week's questions as well! He will love it, just you wait and see! With all of the holiday craziness, I failed to get #13 finished and posted, so I'm too late to link up with the post this time, but I'm posting it anyway!

His & Her Q&A

Describe how your other half dresses.

His: With clothes... you wear them. (This is going to be a sad Q&A session...)

Her: He dresses for comfort, style and convenience. (It took me a long time to figure out what to put here.) He looks nice, but he has a specific thing he wears and he always has a reason for wearing them. The only thing that I feel comfortable buying on my own for Joe are shirts, and that's because I know what kind he'll wear (the golf type polos, fabric specific) and I've learned what he does and doesn't like. I won't even buy socks for him, he's too picky about things like that! :P

What is one quality your other half has that you hope your children inherit?

His: Amberly's ability to make friends.

Her: I hope that my children inherit their daddy's confidence and ambition! (Can I say two?)

What are some amazing talents your other half has?

His: Singing. (And then he told me that he doesn't know how to do this because he is a man of few words and that I should just fill in the rest :P).

Her: Joe is an AWESOME teacher/speaker. I'm always jealous when he can write down a couple of things and then get up and give a fantastic talk. And I've heard from multiple people that he teaches really well in class too.

What team/school are you an anti-fan of/is your biggest rival?

His: I don't even know the names of schools. (Can you tell how much we don't care about sports and stuff?)

Her: If I don't have one, is that bad? I really am not loyal to a team or anything, it's boring, I know.

Who was your first crush?

His: Which week?! I couldn't pick just one. All of the ladies loved me!

Her: Hahaha, actually, his name was Joseph, but it wasn't my husband. He was in my class for kingergarten, first grade and second grade. He was really quiet, but he'd always find me at recess and start a game of tag and I thought he was really cute. The last day of second grade, since I was going to be moving, I remember slipping a note into his backpack for him to find later.

What gets you inspired?

His: Money.

Hers: Music is the one thing that inspires me the most. I don't have anything more to say about it, just that it is awesome!

What's a TV show that has ended that you wish would come back?

His: Umm... Arrested Development

Hers: I wish that they'd bring back 7th Heaven and Gilmore Girls. I didn't really watch a lot of TV growing up, so I didn't get into too many shows, but thse two are ones that I wouldn't mind if they'd continues.

What is one of the first conversations you remember having together?

His: It would be institute and how awesome I was and how I wasn't cool enough to be in a group with the return missionaries even though I'd been home for a shorter time than most of them.

Hers: We were in a group, just the two of us, for an activity during institute and I remember that Joe picked the topic of "being offended" from the board to be funny (because of his answer ^), but I don't remember our discussion really. The first discussion that I really remember is the one that we had right after class when he kept telling me how he had no friends to hang out with, no job (Target was doing his background check that took forever since he'd spent two years in Mexico), and sat around on his bed watching TV all day or went to lunch with his mom. I told him that he should come and hang out at my house sometime because I always had people over. It was pretty much a broken record conversation until finally he agreed to come and hang out with us and asked for my number. (Wouldn't you know he brought friends with him the first time he came over. So much for not having friends! :P).

What is a hobby you would like to get into at some point?

His: Shooting guns or local politics.

Her: Hmm... I don't even know. I'd love to be able to really pick back up my hobby of singing and music, but I rarely have time for that right now. Right now I've been working on my hobby of being crafty. I guess that's one that I've always wanted to have and never dared do, but thanks to Pinterest, I feel quite confident in my abilities now! Oh, and I'd love to be able to do more with my hobby of cooking/baking, but I don't think that's going to happen until I'm done with school and at home raising my own children, what I have more time (hahahaha, I'm sure I'll laugh at this later) to do things like that.

About when did you know you were in love with your other half?

His: (He doesn't remember, so I'll just have to tell you what he told me once upon a time. Joe told me that he knew he loved me the night that he first kissed me. He doesn't remember why he felt that way or anything, he doesn't write things down is his excuse, but he says that obviously he told me it was that moment for a reason.)

Her: (Sorry, this is going to be a long answer) I pulled out my journal because I wanted to read about us first dating and see when I think I really fell in love with him, and I was laughing because two weeks after we "met" and started hanging out or talking every single day, I went to a show at Rodger's Memorial Theater with my friend, Krista, and at dinner when I told her all about Joe, apparently she told me that she was sure I was in love with him, but I wasn't so sure about it yet, I knew I liked him, but I wasn't sure if I was ready to take the leap into love. The next night when he kissed me for the first time, I put that "I really, really, really like this boy." A few days later, after I'd spent the night hanging out in Provo with some friends and then had a random phone conversation with Joe, I said, "I really care about that boy!"

The night that Joe asked me to be his girlfriend, he told me that he really liked me a lot but that he couldn't just keep saying that he liked me, and then we had some random conversation about me holding hands with someone else (that didn't happen, it was just a weird conversation we were having) and he tried to say that I was his and I told him that I wasn't a possession (this is all joking of course) and then he said, "Amberly, because I love you, can I claim you as mine?!" My journal says, "I was kind of surprised that he was putting the I love you out there so soon, but it didn't bother me. So now we are officially dating and I really think I love that boy."

I'm pretty sure that I loved him sooner than that, and just wasn't willing to put it out there or admit it to myself yet. I'd had a crappy year in the dating department and it really scared me to have a boy so interested in me and forward about it. It was nice to not have to play the game or to try and figure out what he was thinking or how he felt it, I definitely knew what was going through his mind about me at all times. I LOVED it!