His & Her Q&A #3

His & Her Q&A

1. What did you do on your favorite date with one another?

His: I like to go to matinee movies and an early dinner. (He couldn't think of a specific date that was his favorite.)

Hers: I always love dates that husband plans and surprises me with. Our first Valentine's day, he planned the whole thing and didn't tell me what we were doing (we went to The Spaghetti Factory, where I'd never been and snuggled under the huge blanket I got him and watched a movie). And then my most favorite date night was the night that he asked me for input on where I wanted to eat, I told him a couple of options and then he drove the opposite direction on the freeway (because he'd already planned where we were going to go) and we went to The Olive Garden (Every time we'd see a commercial on TV, I would say, "We have never been there together yet.) and then after dinner, I somehow convinced him to go to the mall next door and get our picture taken in the photo booth. I found my original post about that awesome date, if you want to read it over here.

2. If you had $1,000,000 and you HAD to spend it, what would you do with it?

His: I would BUY stocks and turn it into to four million.

Hers: I would probably build my dream home and take a vacation to Italy.

3. What does your dream vacation look like?

His: To go back to Cancun and Merida Mexico. (His mission.)

Hers: Speaking of dream vacations. My dream vacation would be to travel all over Italy and Greece.

4. Who is your celebrity role model and why?

His: Celebrity role model? That's kind of an oxymoron. There's no such thing.

Hers: I really like Sandra Bullock, she's the first person that I can think of. I feel like she is such a strong woman and really doesn't play into all of the drama and publicity that most celebrities do.

5. If you had 24 hours left to live, what would you do and why?

His: I don't know, probably die! I would write my will.

Hers: I would spend that time with the people who are most important in my life, doing the things that I love most and eating the food that I like the most.

6. What is your most embarrassing moment?

His: When I couldn't take my clothes off because I was so sore. (That just barely happened when he was trying to get ready for bed. He did P90X for the first time this morning and it took him a few minutes just to get his hoodie over his head.)

Hers: I don't really remember having very many embarrassing moments, but if I were to say that I had an embarrassing moment, when I used a vacuum part as a sponge.

7. What is your favorite television show?

His: The Walking Dead, Arrested Development, it just depends on the day.

Hers: Gilmore Girls. I just finished watching the series for my 3rd time and I cried during the final episode, and in a lot of other episodes as well, I'm pathetic. I don't know though because Parenthood and Once Upon a Time are in that running as well.

8. What is your guilty pleasure?

His: Soda all day.

Hers: Probably Kneader's Double Fudge brownies. They also became my reward when I would survive a math quiz or test. I survived a lot of those.... Oh and maybe the really dramatic chick flick shows, like The Bachelor, Gossip Girl, etc. I LOVE to watch those, I get addicted just to watch the drama, it is so entertaining.

9. When did you first know you were going to marry your spouse?

His: Umm... probably June 5th.... (We got married June 7th).

Hers: (Joe says that it was probably June 8th for me.) I think I first knew sometime in the middle of November, I can't remember a moment for sure, and I didn't have time to browse my journal like I usually would. I just remember that the first time it got brought up between us was on the phone, during one of our bedtime, we didn't see each other today, chats on Thanksgiving. Joe told me that his sister had been teasing him about me and the topic of marriage came up.

10. What is your fondest memory as a child?

His: Playing outside all day long.

Hers: I always think about the times that I got to stay with my grandparents in Springlake. Going to McDonald's, going with my Grandma to get her hair done, playing shopping with my Grandma, making cool things with my Grandpa, playing Cinderella on the stairs next to the carport, going camping, I love all of my memories with them, and I miss them a lot!