His & Her Q&A #11

*This is the last week of His & Her Q&A posts. We finally made it through the whole entire list! I know that you all have really enjoyed these (especially husband's answers), and you'll be sad to see it end, but don't worry, I have something similar in store for the next ten weeks! Be excited and stop by next Friday to see what's going on!*

My friend Bethany used to post these awesome His & Her Q&A blogs every week or so before she retired from writing over at Love the Grows. I didn't get the opportunity to participate in all of them, mostly because I started following her blog halfway in, but I loved the ones that I did participate in so a while ago, I decided to post them over here on my blog and finish up the ones that I hadn't done yet. It has been fun, and I will continue to post ten of them ever Friday until we finish the list.

These questions might have already gotten posted months ago, but I couldn't remember if I ever finished them up as their own post, or if I gave up and saved them for later. So you might be getting them again, but maybe with slightly different answers.

His & Her Q&A

1. What do you do when you're angry?

His: "I don't talk and watch TV."

Hers: I clean. A LOT. When I am stressed or upset about something, I organize, deep clean, or put things away. It makes me feel better.

2. What is an item of clothing your other half has that you wish they would throw away?

His: "Your sweatpants because that's all I see you wear ever." (It's true, unless we go out, I come home from work and immediately get comfy.)

Hers: His B.U.M. t-shirt. It has a hole in it, and the brand is smack in the middle of his chest, but it's a really small label. It's his favorite shirt though, he loves it.

3. What is the greatest family vacation you went on as a kid?

His: "Probably Disneyland."

Hers: We used to go to Bear Lake every summer. It was fun to camp for a few days, play in the pool, go to the lake, and stay at the same campground every year.

4. Would you want to live in the city, country, or beach?

His: "I would want to live in the country so I could ride four wheelers and shoot guns anywhere I wanted."

Hers: After staying in Oceanside this past year, right next to the beach, I think that I could be happy living right by the beach, but in more of a small city, for quite a while.

5. How do you handle farting in front of each other?

His: "I'm proud of it. I have always been excited to be married so that there would always be someone there to hear me fart."

Hers: Um... I don't even really worry about it, since my husband is so proud of himself when he farts, I don't even care about it when I do. But I really don't fart that much....

6. What is your favorite type of cake?

His: "I would rather have ice cream than cake."

Hers: Any kind of chocolate cake is my favorite! Cake is one of my favorite desserts!

7. What is the first thing you do when you get home from work?

His: "I would like to go to the bathroom and then lay on my bed for 30 minutes and not talk to anyone when I get home from work, but that never happens." (I try to have dinner ready when he gets home, but I need to train myself to start it so that it'll be ready half an hour after he gets home.)

Hers: When I get home from work, I check the mail, I change into my pajamas or work out clothes, and I make myself dinner.

8. What is one phrase or word your other half frequently says?

His: "Clean or do the dishes."

Hers: His newest one is, "Oh, you know..." whenever I ask him a question. It drives me INSANE!!!

9. Did you exaggerate anything when you were first dating?

His: "How humble I was." (.... pretty much...) Oh, but I will tell you, when we first started dating, I told him that I could teach him to make cookies one night because he told me that he didn't know how. One of his best friend's was so adamant that Joe did know how to make them and he was being stupid.   After we were married, I found out that he did indeed know how to make cookies, he told me that he used to make them so much that his mom banned him from making them anymore. I don't know why he needed to lie to me about that in the beginning, but whatever.

Hers: I can't think of anything that I exaggerated when we were dating, at least not that would make me look better to him.

10. Who is your other half as a superhero?

His: "I don't know, there aren't any woman superheroes." After a long discussion over the fact that he didn't need to compare me to a woman superhero and that maybe my personality was like a superhero, there still wasn't anyone he wanted to compare me to :P

Hers: Joe is definitely Ironman, and I'm sure he would be ok being compared to him. He is cocky, sure of himself, attractive, funny, and a really good guy at the same time.