His and Her Q&A #12

So, I recently started following this awesome blog! Bethany Grow writes some pretty great, down to earth, church related marriage posts. I LOVE her blog!!! She says what she thinks, I feel like I know her personally, and I feel like we have a lot in common. Anyway, she has this fun list of 110 His and Her Q&A's which have recently gone viral through Pinterest and made her a well known blogger. She and her husband just came up with 10 more questions to add to that list and she was hosting a link up party so I decided to participate!

Joe LOVES it when I make him answer questions like this! (That sentence was dripping with sarcasm.) Since he loves it so much and I really do love it a lot, I decided to participate and have a lot of fun, so here you go! Our Q&A session, and maybe I'll get bored over Christmas break and make him answer her other 110 questions and you'll get a post with those as well! That might be really long though..... so maybe I'll cut it into pieces!

His & Her Q&A

What game show would you like to be on?

His: Wipeout. Because I could win it, I'm not stupid.

Her: The Price is Right. I think that everyone is a winner of something on that show.

When you had a crush on your other half, what song(s) reminded you of them?

His: 'Just Say Yes' by Snow Patrol because you always say no. (The fortune inside the cookie that he proposed with said, "just say yes.")

Her: 'Just Haven't Met You Yet' by Michael Buble because I felt like the music video went really well with our story. I always thought he was cute and I saw him all over the place, but I just hadn't "met" him yet.

What is your realistic dream job/career goal?

His: Real Estate Giant. I just want to own lots of land, apartments, houses, property and whatever I want.

Her: I think it would be cool to be a music therapist and work with Alzheimer's patients. But also lately I really want to have a preschool in my home. And of course, I love doing hair.

Who is a famous person past or present that you admire?

His: George Washington

Her: Probably Emma Smith (is she considered famous). I don't think I'd have the courage to do everything that she did and go into a marriage knowing how hard and trying that life was going to be.

Describe the worst date you've ever been on.

His: I've never had bad dates.

Her: When I was in college, I was the "honorary roommate" at my best friend's apartment and we had this apartment of guys that we liked to hang out with. I liked to flirt with one of the guys and had mentioned to his roommate that it would be fun to go on a date with him. So one weekend he called me up and asked me out and a group of his roommates and a group of our roommates all went on a group date together. The entire time, one of his roommates was giving me grief and if I'd try to talk and join in a conversation he'd tell me to be quiet, mostly in a joking way, but I got sick of it and annoyed by the end and wasn't having any fun. We did break off from the rest of the group and went to get ice cream on our own and had a good chat, so the date wasn't all bad, but then he dropped me off at the apartment that wasn't mine and nobody else was home from their dates yet so I didn't have a way to get in except the key above the door and he had to get it down for me, and the whole "door step scene" was awkward and then I sat inside and realized how early we'd gotten back and I was home for a good hour or two before anyone came back from their date. It was just kind of a let down date because I felt more like I'd been asked out of pity and because I had a crush on him, and it wasn't as fun as it could have been.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

His: Eating food, more than I should....

Her: I like any tradition! We just started a new one last year of playing a board game, probably life, late into the night on Christmas Eve, just the two of us. But I love all traditions, that's just the one I could think of right away.

What is your favorite form of communication?

His: Physical touch. (That's his love language, and I tried to explain the question, but I got...) "I touch people all the time."

Her: I love face to face conversations, long walk and talks with people are my favorite. Or a good long phone conversation when they live far away.

What's the furthest back memory you can remember?

His: Being carried to the family room of my house in Rose Park to watch cartoons early in the morning. I was probably only one or two.

Her: When I was younger, I remember going to my Grandma's house all the time and she'd play "store" with me. We also played Cinderella because she had a long, cement, staircase going from the carport down to the garage below her house so we'd run up and down it time and time again, it was the best.

What's the worst injury you've ever gotten?

His: Ingrown toenail. It was infected, they had to take my toenail off.

Her: When I was four, I was running up the stairs with my arms full of books and I tripped and fell and caught myself with my chin, but my tongue got stuck between my teeth and I bit a hole in it. I wouldn't let the ER doctors stitch it up because they put one of those gaggy rubber sticks in my mouth to keep it open, so I ran around playing all day with a hole in my tongue until my mom could get me into an oral surgeon. And they made me watch Dumbo while I was on laughing gas (I still can't watch that movie), I got nine stitches or three layers of stitches or something like that, and a McDonald's milkshake. I remember being in SO much pain and screaming all night after the stitches. 

Describe your first kiss together from your own points of view.

His: I knew you wanted it so bad and so I teased you with it for a while and then I made it happen.

Her: We just finished watching Harry Potter and I knew it was coming, but he took FOREVER!!!!! For a while I thought he was nervous like when he first held my hand, but then I could tell that he was just being dumb and making me wait for it. He kept trying to get me to say that I wanted it too, and I got so anxious that any little touch tickled and made me giggle, and then he finally went for it! Oh, and I had just met his mom for the first time that night. And he still always remembers what shirt I was wearing and says it's his favorite shirt of mine whenever I wear it.