Having Fun During Stressful Times - Marriage & Relationship Goals

Sometimes the crazy things that happen in life are out of my control, and I have a really hard time letting go of what I had planned and going with the flow. It's something I need to work on so that I can relax, have fun and just enjoy the ride. That has been my struggle this past week, nothing that I tried to plan worked out the way I thought it would and a lot of random things happened that I had to work around. I was a really grumpy, stressed out, not fun wife! Thankfully, I have a husband who tries really hard to get me to see the positive side of things or not be so stressed out.

Having Fun During Stressful Times

On Saturday night, after a long and sort of stressful day, while we were sitting on his grandma's porch picking burs out of Howie's fur (he is really good at getting into mischief), I was grumping about how I was supposed to be doing homework all night (except I'd forgotten to bring my textbooks on our trip, so obviously that wasn't going to happen) and I could be writing blog posts so that I could get them scheduled, but instead I was stuck with more stress. Joe quickly pointed out that we were having a great bonding moment. It may not have been all that fun, but we worked together as a team, I gave the puppy pep talks to get him through it, and we spent a few hours together but my husband was the only one with a somewhat positive attitude about the whole situation.

This week shouldn't be as hectic, we don't have as much going on and it should be easier for me to just have fun with life. Ok, maybe that defeats the purpose because I need to be able to let go and enjoy life during the really stressful moments that I create for myself as well, but the whole point of a goal is that it's something you need to work on right?!

How have you done with your goals this week?

Marriage & Relationship Goals