Happy One Year Anniversary to Us!

Yes, we've been married for one year already and the time has flown by! I swear this one year has felt like the same amount of time as the four or five months that was Joe and I starting to date until we got engaged! We have had so much fun being married and are loving our life together!

One year ago we were here:

One Year Anniversary
One Year Anniversary
One Year Anniversary
One Year Anniversary

And since then, so much has happened!

We love being married! It is so great to come home every night and hang out with your best friend. It's made me realize how married people might be considered lame and anti-social because when I was single I was always going out of my way to plan things with people that would fill up my nights so that I wasn't just sitting at home, but now if we have no plans, it's not a big dea because we can just hang out with each other.

We have grown to love our little apartment and the ward that we are in. We've made many new friends and loved the time that we spent serving in the primary and now love the YW and YM that we teach. It is so great being in the church, it expands our friend circle so much and it is so great to have people around you who care.

It has been so much fun planning date nights with our friends and having parties with our families. We are very social people, and we love going out to do things.

Even with our busy schedules, we manage to spend some quality time together every night. I work two jobs and I'm in school. Joe works later hours at his job and then has two businesses that he's trying to run and manage on top of that. Each of us gets some "me time" every day, Joe's is in the morning when he sleeps in and then takes his time getting ready for the day before work. Mine is every night when I get home from work while I do homework, clean, and make dinner before Joe gets home. And then we get to take walks together, watch TV, go on an adventure, etc. for a few hours before bed. It is perfect!

Happy Anniversary babe! I LOVE YOU!!!!

How many years have you been together?