Getting Rid of the Multitasking - Marriage & Relationship Goals

This month's goal was one that I didn't think I'd be very good at. Multitasking is something that I've always felt like I did well and not something that I wanted to give up, but Joe so lovingly sent me articles that pointed out just how unproductive multitasking really is.

Last week, I was determined to enjoy my vacation and see everything there was to see rather than pulling out my phone whenever I was in the car or standing somewhere "boring". Between that goal, and turning off my social media phone notifications thanks to Brooklyn's inspiring post, I feel like this month's goal has been going better than most of my previous goals! I really enjoyed my trip, we didn't watch any TV from Wednesday afternoon to Saturday afternoon, I didn't turn on my laptop between Thursday and Sunday and I have gone entire days without checking Facebook, Instagram or Twitter on my phone.

Getting Rid of Multitasking

More trip pictures because I have so many!

School is starting next week and I know that will be when I'm really challenged with my multitasking, mostly because I'd rather do anything than homework. I usually blog, check social media, watch TV, text friends, and cook all while doing my homework. My goal is to create a schedule with set times for homework, cleaning, working out, blogging, quality time with my husband, etc. Maybe I only have 15 minutes to clean a room one day, but I will use that entire 15 minutes for cleaning and nothing else. I have to agree with Joe, I'm sure I'll be a lot more productive that way.

How did your goals go this week? What do you hope to achieve this coming week? Are any of you going to start school and have that to make your goals more difficult?