Getting Lazy in My Marriage

A few weeks ago, we were watching Date Night with Steve Carell and Tina Fey and I had a few married life epiphany's. The first time we watched Date Night together was while we were dating. I don't remember when or what else we did that night, but I remember watching it on Joe's parent's couch. It was really funny, but I didn't fully understand or appreciate the whole premise/"moral of the story" because I wasn't married yet. I'm sure I still don't 100% get it because I've only been married for three years not 20+, but I've started to appreciate the humor and understand the marriage "blahs" a little bit more. Don't get my wrong, I love my husband a lot and I'm not bored in my marriage at all, but I do feel like I've become lazy in a few things.

Married Life

Our date nights usually consist of going out to eat and either renting a Redbox, watching a TV series on Netflix or doing our grocery shopping together, but I don't think that will change for quite a while. For one, we have crazy schedules and that's what we really just enjoy relaxing together and for two, we're always trying to save money so big, fancy nights out aren't really our thing. Date night isn't something that I feel needs to change at the moment, unlike Phil and Claire Foster.

I can however, relate to the Fosters when it comes to not making much effort with my appearance anymore. Before we were married, I always tried to look my best on a date or when I hung out with Joe. Now I come home from work and immediately change into my comfiest clothes, Joe usually only sees me in my normal clothes right before I leave for work or Sundays for church. If we are going on a date, I don't really bother to touch up my makeup and my hair (let's face it, I rarely actually style my hair in the first place anymore), and a lot of times I'll go in a hoodie and jeans. I'm just too lazy to make the effort to look my absolute best. Wow... I sound super pathetic, don't I?

Looking Cute

^^I don't look half bad when I put some effort into it ;)

Yesterday I decided to style my hair for the first time in um... I don't even know how many weeks. Joe was so surprised when he found me in the bathroom with my flat iron, "You're doing your hair?!?!" Later that day after I'd touched up my hair and makeup and put on cute clothes to go visit our families, Joe informed me that I should style my hair more often. I asked him if he liked it better straight than air dried and wavy and he said, "The other way, it just looks... messy..." Joe refuses to give any opinions about my hair (color, length, style, etc.), something about my being a professional or something (a professional who refuses to style her own hair), so his making a comment said something big to me. I realized that not only was I feeling lazy, other people were noticing.

While we won't steal someone else's dinner reservation or go all out to do something adventurous to spice up our dull life, I've decided that I can make some efforts on my own. I can sacrifice a little bit of sleep every morning so I have time to do all of my makeup and style my hair, and I can try to look cute when my husband comes home a few times a week and make myself look extra pretty when we're going out together, even if it is just to the grocery store.

I want to keep our relationship fresh, fun and magical like it was when we were dating and first married.


^^Almost a year after we got married, I just like this picture of us, we're cute!

Do you find yourself feeling lazy in some aspects of your marriage?