Frustration Over School Expenses

I am excited to have the opportunity to share the experiences I've had with Campus Book Rentals and their services on the blog today!

Every time Joe and I talk about our budget and where our money is going, the cost of school always comes up. It is painful thinking about how much sooner we could have paid off our debt or how much more money we could have saved up for a house if I wasn't in school and having to pay tuition, student fees and book expenses every semester. We'd be almost $10,000 richer every year!!! That's a good European vacation, cash for a decent car, a whole new wardrobe plus some, oh the things I could do with that extra money! I don't regret going to school, I know I won't regret getting my degree, and I've really loved a lot of the classes that I've taken, but all of those generals and all of the books that have come with them seem like pointless expenses sometimes!

Luckily for me, a semester or two into my education, I discovered Campus Book Rentals. The second my required books for the coming semester are posted, I hop on over to their website and rent me some books (unless they're brand new and not available there). More often than not, Campus Book Rentals prices are the cheapest around, and after the semester is over, I don't have a textbook that I'll never even touch again lying around collecting dust and taking up space in my already tight apartment!

Campus Book Rentals

Some of my favorite things about renting from Campus Book Rentals:

  • Flexible rental periods with the opportunity to extend - I love that I can rent my textbooks for an entire semester, a block of the semester or a few weeks and then I can extend my rental period if I need to keep the books for even longer.
  • Free shipping - My books are shipped to me for free and I'm given a convenient little pack to ship them back in. All I have to do is put my books in, seal it up, and stick it in the mailbox to be picked up. Super simple, right?
  • Quick shipping - There have been a few semesters when I've changed my class schedule last minute or not known about a required book until the first week of class. I've ordered from other websites and been in a panic, hoping that they get to me in time to do the required reading and assignments. Whenever I order from Campus Book Rentals, my textbooks get to me within a few days, no stress.
  • The best prices - Seriously, I make a list comparing this site with my campus bookstore and other popular resources for buying textbooks and most of the time, it wins!

Other great perks of Campus Book Rentals:

  • Save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
  • Can highlight in the textbooks
  • They donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented
  • 30-day risk-free returns

So what about those books that I can't find on Campus Book Rentals, the ones that are new and not available used yet? I have to buy those at full price and most of the time I end up selling them back to the university for A LOT less than I paid in the first place. That was how it went until Campus book Rentals introduced a new program, Rentback. I started participating in this awesome program just last month with a book that I had to buy new for a class last semester and it is awesome! The program allows you to make 2-4x more money than you would make through buyback options. It's a simple process, so why not grab all of your textbooks off the shelf or out of your closet where they're doing you no good and see if you can make some money off of them? My textbook is already in use and I'm making money back from it!

Not spending as much money on textbooks and getting money back on the ones that were expensive really does take the pain out of all of those huge school expenses that we love so much and makes for a much happier me and a less stressed out husband! Watch the video below for more information and feel free to leave comments if you have any more questions!

How do you pay for your school expenses?