Focusing on Our Future

There are so many things that run through my mind when I think about the future. My marriage, our family, my education, my career, goals we have, where we'll live, and the list goes on. Being me, I've always had my life planned out, but let's face it, none of those plans ever go the way I imagine they will. The past few months have taught me that I can't be too attached to my perfectly laid plans because something is always going to get in the way. But I have a great support system in my husband, so I know whatever the future brings, I can do it!

Dreaming, setting goals and making plans for the future is one of my favorite things to do with Joe! We talk about the dream home we will build some day, what features it will have and why they're important to us. We discuss the goals we have for our future careers, how we plan to get there and what job titles we want to hold at some point in our lives. We dream about places we want to travel, the lifestyle we want to have, how we want to spend our money, what cars we'd love to drive, etc. When I think about the future, I picture happiness, tradition, family time, and making memories.

If I had made predictions for the future when we first got married, I don't think very many of them up until this point would have been right. I know what I'd love to happen in our future, and I have my own ideal timeline set, but I'm slowly learning to let that go and just take life as it comes. The future is our oyster (I made that up.. ish.. just changed the wording) and I'm going to do everything I can to make it amazing!

Almost two years ago, I wrote this post titled Five Years - Past, Present, Future about where I was five years ago, where I thought my life was going to go, where we were at the time and where I saw us in five years! It's fun to see how those plans have changed and what I have already accomplished in those two years. 

What does the future hold for you? Does the word spark any specific thoughts?

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