Focus and Relaxation - Marriage & Relationship Goals

This month's goal of not multitasking has been really great for me. I've found myself being able to focus more and more on projects and people without even having to think about it. I think I'm even better at relaxing because I'm not tempted to pull out my computer or a project while I'm watching TV. I'm still not perfect, but I have realized that Joe was right, multitasking really does make me less productive. I hope that I can continue this new habit with school starting this week.

Money Saving Mom shared a post for the Slow Down Challenge this week that I really loved. She set a goal to focus on one task until it was finished and I decided that I want to implement that in my life this week as well! Whether it's homework, unpacking (because I'm still not done), working on a project or spending time with my husband I'm going to challenge myself to stick with the task until it's done.

Tell us how your goals went this month! Did you learn anything about yourself? What changes are you going to make to help you continue your new habits into future months? Have you been inspired to create another goal next month?

Marriage & Relationship Goals