Flashback Memories

Joe and I went to a reception last night for two of our very good friends. They started dating around the same time we did but they've been really great friends since high school. I think that Joe thought we would get married before them because when we went on a date with them back in January, he and his friend had a conversation (in Spanish of course) about getting married and how we were already planning on it and this friend had been thinking about it but I don't think that he and his girlfriend had talked about it. They beat us to it I guess, but we're really happy for them! The bride and I used to be the best walking buddies ever, before life got crazy, and I think even just a year ago, we would go on walks and chat about life and the dating game and how sick of it we were...Now we're both married!!!! Well...almost...

Anyway, onto the "flashback" part of this post! Probably the 2nd or 3rd week Joe and I were "hanging out" (I don't think we'd decided to be officially dating until a couple of days later or the weekend after, but I don't remember, I'd have to read back to my journal), I dragged him to a reception with me at the same reception center we were at last night. That same night I taught him how to make cookies, (he was much more willing and acted a lot happier about doing things that I made him do when we were first dating) and then watched 'Sherlock Holmes' with my brothers. We stood in line at that reception for close to two hours, just chatting and getting to know each other better and holding hands and being cute! Here is us at that reception:

Memories of Dating

Last night we weren't at the reception quite that long, but I had to mention to Joe when we got there that I remembered the last time we were at that reception center together (it's been 6 months now exactly) and how we were just starting to date. I don't think he really cared that much, maybe because he was so tired after a long day of manual labor, but I had fun thinking back to it. I remember how crazy I was about him, he always wanted to tickle me so that I would giggle (which I hated), we loved to "huddle" which I define as cuddling that is more like a constant hug because he always had both arms wrapped around me and he'd squeeze me super tight every once and a while, and I could make that boy do anything without him whining the slightest bit! ;)

It's crazy to think that 6 months ago we were in the early stages of dating, we'd probably only known each other for 3 weeks or so and now we're just over 3 weeks away from being sealed together for the rest of forever!!!! I love him so much more today and every day and I love to look back on all of our fun excursions from the beginning of our relationship. It was good, it's even better now, and it will keep getting better the further we get in life together!!! Let the journey begin, or continue, whichever you prefer!

Did a normally boring moment turn into something fun because you were with the one you love?