Five Years-Past, Present and Future

One of the big questions that people get asked quite often is, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" I've been thinking about that a lot lately for quite a few reasons, and it has sparked a lot of memories, some planning, and even a family home evening discussion between Joe and I. Poor Joe, I think I really freak him out sometimes with how crazy my brain gets.

This year I hit my five year mark of being graduated from high school. If someone were to have asked me back then where I thought I would be now, I honestly don't know what I would have told them. I started reading through different journal entries from the end of my senior year this weekend just to see if I had fantastic ideas about what I wanted to do or thought I'd be doing five years from that point, but I didn't really have much luck. If I were to try and recall what my thoughts were or what plans I had in my head, I think that I probably had a pretty decent idea of where I'd be, but the timeline of how it all panned out may have been a tiny bit different.

I knew I'd be done with cosmetology school and working in a salon, but I don't think I ever would have guessed that I'd be working full time in an office. I think I always knew I'd be married by this point, but I know that I always thought it would be a lot sooner, and so did everyone else; I've been told that a lot in the past five years. I don't know if I ever saw myself back in school this soon, and actually, right out of high school, I don't think I even planned on going to college at all, that came a year or so later. I wish I had made predictions of where I'd be now, or if I did make them, I wish I could find them and see how well I did.

I'm meeting with my academic advisor for my major this week and going over my classes, my minor, what I need to take and when I'm going to take everything and my timeline for finishing school. For the past month I've been working hard to decide on my minor, figure out what I need to take to finish my generals, and putting all of my classes into some sort of a timeline. It's been a little hectic and stressful, but I've finally got it pretty much nailed down.

Looking at my school plans, I'll be done anywhere between the end of summer 2015 and the end of summer 2016. That's a huge range I know, but it all depends on how our lives go, what our money situation is, how much work I can cut out, and how many classes I can take a semester. My goal is to be done December of 2015, but realistically, right now, I'm shooting for Spring of 2016.

So as I've been looking at this, my brain has started fitting school into my life plans. Sadly, school pretty much is the only thing I have planned for my life until 2016, and I feel like life won't really start until that's over, even though I know that's not the truth. Being the planner that I am, I've been thinking all afternoon that if someone were to ask me now, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" I could honestly answer them, even if the timing and order of things goes a little bit differently than I am imagining it to be.

Alright, so here it goes, my five year plan for myself and Joe, because I made him participate in my brainstorming too!

In five years, I'll be about to turn 29 (EEK!!! That sounds so old for me to be!!!!) and Joe will be about to turn 30 (What a crazy thought!!)!


Within the next five years, I'll graduate from Weber State University with my Associates of Science (next summer) and my Bachelor Degree in Family Studies with a minor in Child Development (by 2016).


I plan to still be doing hair in five years. Ideally I'd love to have a salon in my home so that I can work better with my schedule and not pay booth rent, but if I'm working one or two nights a week and maybe Saturdays, I'd be fine with that too. The plans for any other type of job are anybody's guess! Maybe I'll still be working at the office full time or part time. Maybe I'll have started a job that has something to do with my major. That all depends on children, finances, and how I'm feeling about life.

Home and Family:

In five years, Joe and I will be living in our first home, and I'm sure that I'll be doing a lot of pinterest projects and making it our own. We will also have a child, we have a plan for that, and that's fairly set in stone for right now, but I'm not going to put that timeline out there, even though I'm sure I'd tell you if you asked. I'm pretty sure there will only be one little Joberly wild child running/crawling/drooling around, but I guess that's a little up in the air as well. Oh, and also, we'll have a dog!!! We want a little Yorkie Terrier, and as soon as our schedules aren't so opposite to where a dog would be home by itself for a lot of hours, and we have our own home, and probably after we have a baby, there will be a cute little furry creature that is part of our family!

Joe's Plans:

First of all, you should know something about Joe. Joe doesn't dream about his future or wish for things in the same way that most people do. If Joe has a dream or a wish, it is automatically turned into a plan in his head. Rather than saying, "One day I'd like to be a millionaire" or "If I am ever a millionaire." Joe says things like, "When I make my millions." or "When we are millionaires we'll be doing this." That's just the way Joe is. I wrote on his facebook wall a while ago and said,

I just keep thinking this week that you are awesome! do you know why?!

*You don't dream, you plan.

*You dont make wishes, you have goals.

*You don't hope for things for your future, you are sure of those things."

Yep, that's my husband for you. I'm still not sure where he sees himself in five years because he didn't seem to thrilled and excited about my little discussion, but I'm pretty sure that he still has thoughts like mine and those plans in his head.

I will tell you the things that I know for sure:


I'm actually not sure about this one. Joe is constantly educating himself on things that pertain to where he is in life. He listens to books on his ipod constantly mostly ones that are about running a business, being successful, being motivated etc. His favorite books are by Dave Ramsey and Glenn Beck. He also listens to the Dave Ramsey podcast every morning while he's getting ready for the day, it's his favorite. We'll see if he ends up going to school, I've found a pretty awesome degree he could get that doesn't require you to do any general classes (NOT FAIR!!!) but I don't know if that will happen at all.


 Mow Joe is becoming bigger each year, even though it's only in its second year of operation. Joe says that it takes three years to become profitable with a business, so next year is the year for Mow Joe. I know that he'd love to get back to as many lawns as he had before he mission, and he's well on his way to doing that.

Surface Sanity is just taking off, and there are lots of great ideas and plans in the works for it. This next year will be an adventurye, to see how fast this grows and see where it takes them. In five years, I know that he has certain clients that he plans on having and he would love to have made at least his first million with that company.

Home and Family:

 I told Joe that within five years will have a baby probably and a dog. I think he's more ok with the dog than he is with the baby, babies are a little intimidating to him and a lot of work.

I know that in five years, Joe plans on being debt free, other than the house. That's actually a plan for the next year, by a year from now, we will be debt free. And we hope to be doing really well on our eight baby steps.

Ok, so that's my random thinking!!! Thanks for indulging me and reading all about it!

How far have you come in the past five years? Where do you think you'll be five years from now?