Embracing Our Differences

I read this post on Verily Magazine a couple of weeks ago and it got me thinking about all of the ways that Joe and I different from each other. I would be lying if I said that I quickly embraced those differences, and there are still quite a few that I tend to view more negatively than positively, but I'm working on it. Throughout the almost four years that Joe and I have been in a relationship with each other,

I've learned that if we accept our differences, they are complimentary and make us the perfect team.

Differences in Marriage
Love Your Differences

The Way We View Money

With the things that we share about our money habits through Marriage & Money every month, you might think that we are completely united in our view of money and the goals that we have when budgeting ours, but the truth is, we're not. Joe has always been the saver and I have always been the spender. Our money values balance each other out really well, but we've had to learn to compromise and work together so that our money discussions are productive and don't turn into arguments. Our budget is practical and we save up a lot of money, but we are also sure to budget for fun and enjoy life while we're working our way to financial success!

The Way We Cook

Technically, Joe doesn't cook... unless you consider microwaving Spaghettios or turning on the oven to bake a frozen pizza, cooking. Anything that takes more effort than that isn't worth it to him. I've heard rumors that he used to make cookies from scratch a lot, but I've yet to see that happen, so I'm not sure if it's true. ;) When I have the time and motivation to cook, I like to try new things and find recipes that are a variation of a classic meal. For the first year of our marriage, I never made the same meal twice, unless we were having company over and I wanted something tried and true. Now I'm learning that Joe is a simple man and he is perfectly happy to grill hamburgers every week or to have just plain pasta with meat sauce every time we have pasta.

The Movies We Like

I like romantic comedies and Joe likes action or slapstick humor. Neither of us is ever too thrilled to watch the other person's favorite kind of movie so when we decide to involve a movie in our date night, it usually takes us a while to decide what to watch. We've been able to find different movies that both of us are content to watch. We love the Iron Man movies and both of the Red movies, so those are always a safe bet for movie night. I'm still determined to find a romantic comedy or chick flick type movie that Joe enjoys, it's on my bucket list, but he's also stubborn, so I'm not sure he'd admit to liking one if he did. ;)

What differences do you and your spouse have that make you a great team and better your marriage?