Dinner and a Show

This is my third year being a season ticket holder at the community theater. Last year, I ended up buying Joe season tickets but that wasn't until mid March. Go figure that at the very end of September, when I purchased my season tickets, I didn't want to buy a second set and feel obligated to get a date for every show. Three weeks later, Joe and I started dating and by the time the 2011 season had started, I knew for sure that I was spending the rest of eternity with him, so in hindsight I should have just had faith and bought a second set of tickets, right? Anyway.....

I love having these season tickets because I LOVE the theater and it's a guaranteed date night that needs no planning, 7 or 8 times a year! Last night was one of these date nights, and I was so excited! All night the night before, I'd been craving pizza. Basically I've been craving junk food all week, but I wanted pizza specifically! Since our favorite Pier 49 has closed for now, we ended up at Robintino's last night. All day long I was day dreaming about breadsticks and salad, I'm weird ok, Joe tells me this every day, and they didn't disappoint. By the time we were there, pizza was honestly the furthest thing from my mind and I just wanted those breadsticks pronto!! Dinner was yummy, I ended up eating a lot more than I should have (but I still took home leftovers so I didn't do terribly) and we left the restaurant with a loaf of breadsticks to take home and a container of ranch to go with them. Yes, I know, that's bad, don't tell on me.....

We got done with dinner a lot earlier than we normally do and had about an hour to spare, so we decided to go to Smith's Marketplace and look for a table to go in our front room. Joe got the end table that is already in our living room there, and I wanted one that's the exact same, but I was worried that after 7 months, they might not have the same style. Lucky me, they did, but they didn't have the exact same table in stock, so we ended up getting a longer table of the same style and color and I think that it works a lot better than the other one would have (Joe put it together after the show).

After that, it was on to the theater! We always end up there really early, which is ok because we get to say hi to people we might know and it gives us time to read the biographies, and I'm obsessed with those. If you have never seen Noises Off, you should try to get tickets and go see this one because it is hilarious!!! I'd never heard of it and had no clue what to expect, but it entertaned me so much. The cast did a great job and we were laughing through the whole show! It's not a musical, but sometimes the plays end up being really refreshing, as much as I always think I'd rather be seeing a musical.

Noises Off Centerpoint Theater

I love date nights with my husband, and last night was great! I never get bored when I'm with him, especially when he says things like, "Can I spit my gum out into your hair?!" And don't worry, he tried....sort of. He did ask me to catch his gum and the proceeded to spit it across the room toward me and into the carpet. That boy, sometimes I don't know what to do with him, but I can't help but love him!

Do you have any date night traditions?