Decorating for Fall

Fall is my favorite season! I LOVE it!!! I decided this year that I was going to splurge a bit so that I could decorate my porch really cute. It makes me happy every time I leave or come home! We have such a huge porch, so I had to do a lot to make it feel awesome!!!

I bought some garland leaves from Michaels and put them on the banister along our porch! I love how festive they look and the colors are perfect!

Fall Decor

I found some really cute scarecrows at Michaels when I returned the extra leaves and they were just too cute not to buy! I named them Anne and Gilbert (or Joe and Amberly if you're my dad). They're awesome right?

Fall Decor

Then this past weekend, I finished my pumpkin wreath and put it up in celebration of October!!!

Fall Decor

Does anyone want to come and visit?! I need people to see my porch in person and share my happy feelings from it!

What is your favorite season to decorate for?