Deciding to Be Patient - Marriage & Relationship Goals

Three weeks from today, we will be moved into and sleeping at our new house. We still have a few projects to finish and we haven't done any cleaning or packing yet, so... the next few weeks will be a little crazy for us! In these sorts of situations, I get stressed out and grumpy and lose my patience a lot faster than normal (patience isn't my strong suit in the first place).

My goal this month is simple, but will probably be one of the more difficult that I've set.

I want to be patient!

Patient with myself, patient with my husband, and patient with everyone that I come in contact with. Before I let my stress get the best of me, I want to take a minute to breathe, think about all of my options, formulate a plan and then attack the situation at hand. With everything that's going on in my life right now, I think this goal will save my sanity, minimize fights with my husband, and protect everyone from seeing my extreme crazy side!

This month's goal focus' on every relationship in my life, but I want to be especially patient with my husband.

What goals are you setting for your marriage this month? Link up below, I'd love to read about them!

Marriage & Relationship Goals