Date Night Is Important

Let's talk date night. I love date night. Brady and I work opposite schedules so when we have the opportunity to have a date night, we take the chance without hesitation.

Why date night is important

If there is one thing I admire most about Amberly, it's that she holds date night frequently and it doesn't always have to be this big event but can be small and simple, and I like that. Brady and I try to keep things cheap but still have fun so we put together a jar called the Date Night Jar and we pull from it each week for something to do. We take turns each week drawing from the jar, and it works for us. So maybe you can try it! I got a lot of date night ideas from Pinterest, blogs and other online sources and I picked the best ones that I know Brady and I would like to do together.

Why do I think date night is important? Because I believe in spending time together. I believe it truly brings your close to one another and makes you two happier. It helps you create a special bond, and then it turns into a priority and a habit. Which is a good thing! Date night for us, has proven to be important in our relationship, and I challenge you to find our for yourself if date night is important to your relationship or not.

Need some ideas? Here are some of ours:

+Take a day trip to go hiking somewhere and go out to eat afterwards

+Play a few games at a nearby arcade

+Cook dinner together - with smooches

+Go to a restaurant you have never been to before

+Drive-in Movies

+Go bowling or rollerskating

+Go see a local band

+Aquarium/Museum/Cultural Toour

+Dinner and movie (her choice)

+Dinner and movie (his choice)

+Go see a College sports event

+Total theme night โ€” Dress, dinner & movie

+Make chocolate covered strawberries & bath night

+Workout togetherโ€”set up stations: jump rope, etc.

These are just a few ideas, but I've got plenty more if you need them! I feel that date night is really important and I love having one night a week set aside to spend time with just my spouse, whom I love very much. I'm grateful that date night was invented!

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