Cutting Back on Technology - Marriage & Relationship Goals

In April of last year, my marriage goal for the month was to put my phone down and disconnect to reconnect. Halfway through the month, I decided that I wanted to keep electronics out of our bedroom and put my phone away on dates. Not having my phone out when I was on a date with my husband made a huge difference. I even forgot to take my phone on one of our dates and it was nice. I was able to focus more on the time I was spending with Joe and forget about what might be going on in my social media.

My good friend Brooklyn shared her trick to not getting carried away with social media, turn off your phone notifications!!!! I can't tell you how much of a difference it made when I did that. I'm no longer bombarded by Instagram, Twitter and Facebook every three seconds. I still pull the apps up more than I probably should, especially after posting a fun picture, status or tweet, but it's not as often. I've been doing this since August and I would never go back! I had to get a new phone at the end of October and I forgot to turn the notifications off at first but that quickly changed because the constant dinging started to irritate me.

When the ever inspiring Amanda shared a video from YouTube, I Forgot My Phone, I started to think that this goal was one I needed to revisit and work on even more. A couple of weeks ago, she wrote another amazing post about how much the world is letting smart phones take over their lives and I knew what my goal for January needed to be.

This month I'm going to put my phone down and turn off my laptop when my husband is home so that I can spend time with him and not leave him feeling neglected. If we're watching a show together, I will snuggle with my husband rather than blog or work on other projects. When we're ready to go to bed at night, my phone (and hopefully Joe's phone and the tablet) will be turned off before we walk into the bedroom so we can cuddle, talk about our day and fall asleep at a decent hour. When we go on a date, my phone will stay in my purse and I won't respond to texts or answer phone calls because those few hours are reserved for my husband. If I'm working on blog stuff, I will do it before my husband gets home at night or when we've both agreed that we're working on our own projects.

There are so many other things I want to work on with this goal, I'll let you know how it went next month! Smart phones make it easy for us to stay constantly connected, but they also give us more excuses to not talk to each other and miss out on the simple things in life. I don't want to let that happen with my marriage.

I found an awesome article on how to manage your smartphone usage

What changes could you make to your technology use that would help improve your marriage?

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