My Solution for Creative Date Nights at Home this Winter

Date night looks a lot different with two kids, especially because one of them is tiny and new and can't be taken out in public or be around other people much in the coming months. Because we can't take Emmy out on dates with us like we did with Bensen, or go out in public often and bring home germs to expose her to ourselves, we're going to have to get creative with the time that we've set aside for date night over the next few months. While I'm making it a priority to ask grandparents to hang out with our kids once a month while we go on a kid free date night, I've come to terms with the fact that the majority of our dates will take place at home.

At home date nights can easily turn into a routine of take out and a movie every week. It's much easier to think of somewhere you can go, places to eat and things to do when you can get out of your house and explore. But I believe that you can have just as much fun, if not more fun, spending your date nights at home and enjoying time together after the kids are in bed or while they are napping on your day off. I want our date nights to be something out of the ordinary, that we wouldn't think of to do on a regular basis and that helps us step away from our every day routine and the stress so that we can have fun and connect with each other. With a little creative thinking and resourcefulness, you might find that you enjoy staying in together rather than going out.

I know I've talked about Datelivery a lot before, but I'm going to talk about them again. After Emmy was born, I went to their date night box shop and ordered a few dates that I'd had my eye on. With those dates and a couple that we ordered in the past but didn't get a chance to use, we have one Datelivery date night planned each month from now until February. I took a peek inside each of the boxes recently and got so excited to pull them out and use them! The best part is that we don't have to think of ideas, put the date together or leave our house to enjoy it!

Datelivery is a date night in a box service that creates and delivers fun and unique date night activities that allow you to bond, re-connect and have fun with your spouse! I wanted to share a little peek of just a few of the items in some of the boxes that we get to enjoy in the coming months. There is so much more in each of these boxes than just what is shown before. Keep an eye on our Instagram stories over the next few months to see more!

The Fall in Love Date Night box isn't in the Datelivery shop right now. We received this one last year and I loved it so much that I kept some of the unused parts so we could enjoy it again this year. Bensen and I went on a mommy and me date to the pumpkin patch last weekend and got pumpkins so that Joe and I can decorate them next weekend on our date. This date night box came with tons of fun little trinkets to decorate mini pumpkins with. The little mustaches and eyes are my personal favorite! They also included all of the things that we would need to make caramel apples, minus the apples, so I'm going to include that element in our date and make these this year instead. You can't go wrong with chocolate covered fruit, and they're much easier to eat than the entire apple as well.

After opening our boxes, I think that the A Date Night at the Carnival one is going to be my personal favorite! That may or may not be based on the fact that there is cotton candy in it... Those cute little tickets that you see in the picture are used as part of a fun part of the date night. The trick on this date will be getting Joe to paint our faces. But, if he doesn't agree, I have a fun activity to do with Bensen later on so those face paints are a win win for me in either situation! November's a little late in the year for carnivals, but I can't wait for this date next month!

This Las Vegas Date Night box will be perfect for a date night in on New Year's Eve. I think we'll create a buffet of all of our favorite foods and spend the evening learning how to play poker and playing all of the other fun games that are included in this box! I've never played poker before, and probably won't play it much in the future, but I think that learning something new together will be a really fun element for this date night. I'm not sure how late we'll be able to keep our eyes open that night, so we may have to hit some of our Vegas games the next night instead.

I'm sad to say that we received this one over two years ago, the month that we bought our home and started renovations, so we never got the chance to use it. I actually found it last summer when we were unpacking a few things and am finally putting it on our date night schedule! The box as it is in the Datelivery shop now looks like it's even more amazing than the one that I've got and a lot of fun!

We got the Be a Kid Again Date Night box last year but never got the chance to use (I fail at this, I know). There are so many fun things in this box, but my personal favorite is the Playdoh Charades game. You can never go wrong with Playdoh or crayons. There's a fun twist to Jenga and even a dessert idea! This may be the date that I'm most excited for just because it speaks to my five year old heart. You are never too old to play and have fun!

I'm sure not a lot of people will be venturing out on Valentine's day, that's just asking for chaos (and lots of germs). We'll be enjoying our Romantic Picnic Date Night box by candlelight on the floor of our front room. I realized that means that we've already got Valentine's planned, four months in advance, look at us go! My favorite part of this box is that there will be no dishes to clean up afterward so we can enjoy the rest of our evening together. 

We have had a few other Datelivery boxes, but the two that are in their shop right now are The Scavenger Hunt date night, perfect for a romantic and fun evening in and the Pizza Challenge Date Night, probably one of my favorite date night memories of ours so far.

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What are some of your favorite at home date nights? I need all of the ideas that I can get this year!