Create a Date Night at Home

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create date night at home

When’s the last time you had a date night with your man? I know that all too often, I can get stuck in a rut, caught up in my to-do list, and night after night my husband and I eat dinner on the couch watching TV with our phones in hand. Romantic, huh?

It’s so important to make time for your spouse, and I really do feel closer to my husband when I’m intentional in my time with him. To make sure regular date nights happen, I’ve started scheduling them into my planner. We love going out to a movie, trying a new restaurant or walking in the park then grabbing fro-yo. But sometimes, money is tight, time is short or you just run out of ideas.

Why not try a date night at home?

Aside from the plus of saving money, I love date nights in because of the extra relaxed, fun vibe we get in our home turf. But to break up the boring, try adding something extra special to your next date night at home. Try cooking a meal together!

Here are some tips to bring the romance to your dining room table.

Set the scene

To make your date night special, change the scenery a bit. Put on some amazing dinner music. (I personally recommend classical rock covers from the Vitamin String Quartet.) Dim the lights. Set the table fancy. Get out your nice tableware. Light some candles. Pour some wine.

set the scene

Normally our kitchen table is cluttered with bills, boxes, hats and keys. It felt so good to clear it off and set it up nice. Or as nice as it can be in a cramped apartment.

Cook a meal together

When you cook together, you both get to work toward the same goal. In our house, my husband usually makes the meat and I do the sides, but try mixing it up now and then. Do something totally new! Pick out the menu together for a meal that you both will love. Select something indulgent that will be fun to do together. And even if it goes wrong, you can laugh at your epic fail together and throw in a frozen pizza instead.

prepare a meal

Make a meal together that is indulgent yet delicious. But have a backup plan in case things go awry.

For our last date night in, I made baked salmon with potatoes in parchment paper (Martha’s recipe here) with asparagus. It’s healthy yet feels kinda fancy and always tastes delicious. For dessert, I made skinny chocolate mousse; that was kind of a big flop, but hey, I tried something new!

Other meal ideas: beef and broccoli stir fry, shrimp scampi pasta, baked chicken with vegetables or good ol’ steak and mashed potatoes. If you want to have multiple courses, mix up some salad with vinaigrette, bake fresh dinner rolls and have strawberries for dessert. If you’re extra ambitious, try incorporating some aphrodisiacs into your meal. Ooh la la.

Make it fun

Dress up for each other! Just because you’re not out on the town doesn’t mean you can’t put some effort in your appearance for a night in. Curl your hair and put on that LBD. Why not?

Plan for dinner conversation. Don’t talk about your jobs or the weather. If you need some prompts, use a printable list of questions to ask each other. (This isthe one I used last time, but I also have my own list of 40 questions to ask your spouse.)

Afterward, relax on the couch and talk about your futures, put together a puzzle or pop in a movie you both love and snuggle. If it’s nice enough out, lie on a blanket in your backyard and stargaze. And don’t even look at your phones!

enjoy your meal

What’s your fave date night or activity to do for a night in?