The Car Debt

Joe is the biggest hater of debt and the biggest fan of Dave Ramsey. Any extra money we get, he loves to put towards our car payments. So when we found out how much of a tax return we were getting, we were excited because it meant that my car would get paid off and we would have some extra left over to save up for our anniversary and to get something fun with.

We filed our taxes a week ago and I kept eagerly checking the status online through the link they give me but every time they tell me that they haven't been processed yet and to check back in a week. I check back in a day, I've never been good at following directions. Today I got a random text from Joe that said, "You can pay off your car now." or something like that and I was super confused. I don't check the account that our return was going to because it rarely gets used but Joe gets info from and I guess had seen this huge chunk of money all of the sudden appear in my account. I called Joe and he was so excited the whole time I was setting up the transfer of money from checking to the loan and then it was done. Kind of anticlimactic, I with they had fireworks go off and stuff like they do when you finish a game of solitaire or something, that would make it a lot more exciting when your loan amount gets to 0.00! (Although, for them it might not be as exciting because they aren't getting my money anymore.)

One loan down!! :) We are so excited!!! And this sweet car that I love so much is officially mine, I can't wait to get my title. Joe tries to claim it is his car all the time and I have to point out that when the title comes, it will just be my name, not his! ;) Poor guy!

This is a picture of my car the first day that I brought it home from the Church Office Building parking lot! :) I love this car and paying it off has made me want to go get my alignment fixed and clean it out and get it washed. Too bad the weather is crappy and cleaning it wouldn't do any good, oh well, I guess I'll have to wait on that. Dear Elder (this is my car's name), you are all mine!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!

Car Paid Off

Have you paid off any debt? How did it feel?