Bonding Around the Kitchen Table - Marriage & Relationship Goals

As I've been planning the decor for my kitchen over the past few weeks, I envision it as a place that will bring our family together in the future. I want the kitchen to be somewhere we can all be together and take a break from the chaos of life. When we first got married, Joe and I would reconnect every night over dinner and we always sat down at the table, without our TV and without our phones. Not only have I slacked on my meal planning and making good homemade dinners, but we rarely, if ever eat at the table. We're usually sitting in front of the TV or I eat before Joe because he gets home from work fairly late.

I'm starting night classes again in three weeks and that on top of Joe's work schedule doesn't leave very many nights for us to sit down to dinner at a decent hour. I've decided that over those next three weeks, I really want to create great meal habits again. We eat out way too often because I'm lazy or don't have something planned in advance and I want to limit our eating out to once a week (for date night), twice at the most if it's necessary. I'm going to use my freezer meals, my crockpot, the grill and quick and easy meals. And we will eat at the dinner table together as much as possible.

What goals do you have for your marriage this month? Link up below!

Marriage & Relationship Goals