Being More Intentional About Our Date Nights - Marriage & Relationship Goals

One of the five intentional goals that I set for my marriage this year was to be more intentional about our date nights. For the first few months, we were really good about planning a weekly date night that involved more than dinner and a movie and following the date night rules that we set to make the time that we were spending together more quality. The past month or so, we haven't been as intentional with our date nights and we have yet to cross anything off of our Date Night Bucket List for the year.

Date Your Mate Month

May is Date Your Mate Month, so it seems like the perfect time to recommit to weekly, planned and purposeful date nights with Joe. Especially with a new baby around, I want to do something to focus on our marriage and give us quality time together. A lot of our date nights will probably involve our little man, but there are a lot of fun things that we can do together with summer just around the corner and it will be good to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather as a family.

We kicked our month off this week with our first baby free date night. My mom offered to watch the little guy while we went to see the new Avengers movie together and we chose to take her up on that offer. I'm looking forward to our date nights this month and I'm excited to get the ball rolling again and plan creative things for us to do every other week! I hope to get Joe on board for his weeks as well.

How will you be celebrating Date Your Mate Month? What goals are you setting for your marriage this month? Link up and share them with us below!

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