Baby It's Cold Outside {Date Nights & Printables}

Joe and I have a hard time finding motivation to get out and about when it's cold outside and during this busy time of the year, so our date nights tend to be the same thing over and over again. While we have a good time, I'm always looking for fun things that we can do at home or out on the town to spend quality time together. Even better, these date nights can be done any time of year!

Do service together - There are plenty of opportunities for service around this time of year but one that I heard about recently and thought was a neat idea was to buy or collect a bunch of gloves and a few pallets of water and then drive around the town distributing them to the homeless who you see while you're out. Doing something that may seem simple to you could mean the world to someone else. Another idea might be to get a group of people together and go caroling at an assistant living center or rehabilitation floor of a hospital (call ahead to make sure this is allowed). The people in those situations spend a lot of time away from family and their normal traditions at this time of year and I'm sure it is extremely lonely.

Late night breakfast - There are a lot of 24 hour or late night restaurants that serve breakfast all day long. Visit one of those establishments late at night or make breakfast on your own at home and just enjoy time together chatting. Joe and I ended up getting breakfast for dinner last night and it was a lot of fun. It's so relaxed, I got hot chocolate and we talked about a lot of random things in life.

Pull out your board games - In our technological world, I think we neglect the game closet more and more. Our games usually only come out when we have people over, but the times that Joe and I have pulled out a board game and played together have been a lot of fun. We get time to chat, make some fun memories and get to compete a little bit with each other.

My friend Lacy from The Lain Archives has a few more fun ideas and her include printables! Take it away Lacy!

Caleb and I sat down to talk about doing a fun "Date Night" post where we would do all of the dates and then blog about them. Well, that hasn't happened yet. We are still planning on finishing our list, but for now, it's been crazy busy. We do think it's important to carve out time for each other especially during these busy, busy, busy...did I say busy... holidays. And if you are anything like us, I would encourage you to do the same thing. Make time for each other and make time to have fun with these free date night ideas and printables.

The first one:

Date Night Game Night with The Alphabet Game. This one has rules and it's fun! Free Alphabet Game Printable

One of our favorite things to do is go for walks around our neighborhood. Since it's fall/winter, go for a walk, bundle up (if it's actually cold where you are... is it?) make a few cups of hot chocolate and use these fun printables. Hot Chocolate Date Night Printable

This one is called Letter Box. Print these off, write notes to each other, then put them in a box. Don't read them to each other or peek and see what the other one is writing. Write the date then open them on your anniversary. Write your love notes, fill a box, envelope, or find a space for all of these, eat dinner at home together with candles and share five things you love about the other person. Wait a year, go back over the letters. Letter Box Printable

Thanks Lacy! Now you have some fun, simple ideas for how you can spend time together, get out there and date your spouse!!

What are your favorite cold weather date nights?

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