Avengers and Megaplex Legacy Theater

Tuesday night, Joe and I went to the Megaplex Theater at Legacy Crossing to see The Avengers. We wanted to see The Avengers during our anniversary weekend, but the times that it was playing weren't very convenient with the activities we were doing during the day so we went to Madagascar 3 instead.

Also, at our apartment, we have a little list of things that we need to do and places that we need to go that was always talk about and then forget, Megaplex at Legacy Crossing was on that list because it's been open for almost a year and we still haven't ever gone. We've been to the Bountiful Theater a couple of times, the Farmington one a couple of times and we go to Layton lots, but we just haven't been to Centerville yet, which is sad because that's the theater that I've been most excited about having!

Ever since Saturday when we didn't get to see The Avengers, I've been trying to figure out a time that we could go see it because I know that Joe really wanted to and was kind of disappointed when we didn't see it over the weekend. Trying to plan something like that to work with both of our work schedules is difficult though because Joe isn't home until usually 8 at the earliest and lately it's been more like 9:30 most nights. Tuesday was Joe's day off however and I knew he'd be home when I got home at 5:30, plus I'd gotten all of my homework for the day done while I was at work and didn't have that to worry about later at night. I started searching movie times and decided that we were going to have a spontaneous date night and go to the movies!

I was afraid Joe would resist because we'd spent so much money the past weekend for our anniversary, but after spending all day working out in the hot sun (ok, so his day off wasn't really a day off), he told me, "I'm not going to say no to sitting in a cool, dark theater." I even convinced him that we should grab dinner somewhere because I was super hungry and too lazy to make anything and I did not want spaghettios (that was Joe's suggestion).

We went to Arby's and then headed over to the theater! It's a nice theater and we now have a Megarewards card so we're earning our way to a free movie ticket with every dollar we spend there!! The movie was great! Action and adventure movies are never my first choice and not something that I'm ever terribly thrilled about, but I usually end up loving them. It was a good, spontaneous date night, and we still got home early enough that I could get a couple of projects done before bed!

Megaplex Centerville Theater

What are your favorite spontaneous date activities?