A Reality of Our Marriage

I sat down to plan out my week on Sunday and Joe started making comments about my schedule like he always does. I was in the middle of planning out my breakfast, lunch and dinner through Wednesday (it's my attempt to eat healthier) and he started to laugh!

Welcome to Married Life

Amberly: (writes Taco Soup for Wednesday dinner)

Joe: Haha, you need to erase that and write chicken nuggets. (I throw frozen ones in the oven when I'm lazy,)

Amberly: (glares at Joe)

Joe: What?! I've been married to you long enough to know how you are. You think I'm predictable...

Amberly: You have no faith in me...

Joe: I'm just being a realist.

Truth is, I'll probably fall back on Wendy's, frozen chicken nuggets or a bowl of cereal more often than not this week. I rarely follow the dinner plans I make lately, but writing them down gives me that much more of a chance for success.

Our Marriage is Real

I'm glad I have a husband who understands me, and that we can joke and laugh about the areas of our marriage that aren't perfect. I just wish I hadn't set the bar so high for myself early on in marriage. The me who pulls something full of preservatives from the freezer or suggests we just eat chips and salsa because it's easier hates the me who used to have something new on the menu every day the first year of our marriage and followed through with 95% of my plans.

Day one of my planned week went exactly how I wanted it to. I got a bunch of homework done, ate my meals as planned, checked everything off my to do list and made dinner for my husband! Success!

What realities does your husband remind you about?