A Few of my Current Favorites

Ever since the early arrival of our sweet Emmy, my life has felt like a whirlwind! I'm constantly trying to find that perfect balance that allows me to keep my house tidy, spend quality time with each member of my family, be extremely productive at work, keep up the blog the way that I want and still have time for myself. I know, that's asking a lot and it probably won't happen, but I'm working on it and I'll let you know if I ever find the secret to mom life balance success.

In the chaos, this little blog space has been a little bit neglected, understandably. I'd love to have more time to spend here and I'm working hard to play catch up and be ready for 2017. While my brain is still a little scattered and it's taking me weeks to finish writing my drafts, I thought I'd put together a quick post to share some of my current favorites that I think you should definitely check out!

Garlic Knots and Chicken Wings - When people joke that they are eating for two during pregnancy, I get it, it's exhausting to live your life while you're passively growing a human being. But man, the time when you're literally eating for two is while you're nursing! Pregnancy dreams, pregnancy cravings, I could relate but can anyone relate to my insane NEED for certain foods and the wacko dreams I have every night postpartum. Those are the hormones that really get to me. After I had Bensen, I needed a burger, fries and a milkshake every single day. I only let myself have them once a week, but I had a serious desire for one almost constantly. Right now my food craving is mainly chicken wings (honey chipotle is my current preference, but I've been taste testing every kind in the grocer's freezer, no joke, so that could change) and if you throw in an order of garlic knots, I'll be your best friend!

JoJo's Chocolate Bark - I got my package of JoJo's right before Emmy made her arrival. The dark chocolate mixed with nuts and fruits are a great combination and I really enjoy them. I wish I'd thought to take the bag with me to the hopsital, they would have been a welcome break from all of the free cookies and snacks I was eating there. One of my biggest goals right now is to stop eating a lot of sugar and treats, maybe allowing myself one a week. But when I get that craving, it's hard to resist. I split my JoJo's bars in thirds and enjoy one in the morning, afternoon and evening each day when my cravings hit.

The first thing that drew me to JoJo's was the fact that their chocolate was designed with health in mind and is perfect for individuals like me who are at a risk for developing Type II Diabetes. This post sharing my secrets to beating gestational diabetes has become one of the most popular here on the blog, oddly enough, so I know that others struggle with this same challenge in their life. A chocolate bar with  protein and half the sugar of other protein bars, perfect afternoon pick me up after a long day at work!

LDS Temple Cards (affiliate link) - We love these temple cards! They come in a gorgeous tin and the set contains all of the LDS temples in the United States. Each card is like a baseball card for temples, with a picture and trivia facts about each building. Bensen loves to dump the entire tin out and sit on the floor and look at the cards. They are well loved in our house and I know that he'll continue to love them as he grows older and can appreciate the facts about each temple as well as the gorgeous images.

The Living Scriptures - When I was a kid, we watched these videos every Sunday. I'm so excited to have started our family's collection and can't wait to complete our set with the other DVD's that are available. These are perfect to watch on Sundays and help bring the scripture stories to life.


Owlet Baby Care - I shared our experience with Owlet in a post on the blog earlier this month. Emmy's feet are still tiny and we've just transitioned from the NB sock into the size one sock. I love the peace of mind that this monitor brings My body appreciates the rest that I've been getting now that Emmy's sleeping longer stretches and I appreciate not having to worry about her and be able to sleep.

Mapping Your Relationship (affiliate link) - My brother-in-law asked Joe the other day if there was anything that I wanted for Christmas that was not on my Amazon wishlist because it was filled with marriage books. I truly want to read each and every one of them though, they are all books that have come highly recommended. This is the book that I'm in the middle of currently and it's a great one for couples looking to make a positive change in their relationship, whether they feel like they need a change or not.

Diva Central - I've been meaning to join this community for the past year and I've finally been part of it for the last two months. There are over 800 members in the community and it's a great resource for marriages in every stage of life. At the beginning of every month, you get a personalized game plan for your marriage for the month, based on the information that you give the Divas when you sign up, plus instant access to other great articles, date night ideas and printables. I used one of their cute kissing booth printables as part of a winter carnival date night that I'd planned for Joe and I last weekend. Our date night plans were foiled by a grumpy baby, but I plan to use it this weekend!

You can expect content from me for the rest of the year and then get ready for 2017 because I have a lot of big things coming your way!

Tell me about some of your current favorites.