3 Ways to be More Intentional in Celebrating Your Spouse's Birthday

October seems to be one of everyone's favorite months. I realized this last year when, on October 1st, social media was flooded with quotes from Anne of Green Gables and everyone shared all of their favorite things about fall and October. My favorite things about October include the changing leaves, the crisp air and changing season, and the fact that Joe and I both celebrate our birthdays! My birthday is on the 17th and Joe's is on the 31st, exactly two weeks later. We always start our celebrations with my week, have a week of celebrating both of us and end the month with a week of celebrating Joe. It makes October A LOT of fun! This year, I want to be more intentional in celebrating Joe (and me) and make this month extra special! 

Celebrate your husband's birthday ALL month long!

Birthday Freebies

Do you sign up for birthday freebies at your favorite restaurants and stores? I've signed up for a lot of them. Because mine and Joe's birthday month is the same, we aren't able to take advantage of all of the freebies like we'd like to, but we still have a lot of fun! I'm planning on using one of the birthday freebies we get to cross a date night off of our Date Night Bucket List and celebrate Joe's birthday. I also plan to use a lot of the freebies we get to celebrate birthday week for both Joe and I. You can sign up for birthday lists on most websites.

Birthday Week

The week of Joe's birthday, I plan to make some of his favorite meals (Joe, any special requests?), make his life a little bit easier by doing some of his normal chores around the house and make sure that I spend a lot of time with him. Because of Bensen, our schedule isn't as flexible as it has been in past years, but we'll still have a lot of fun! I hope to start a few new traditions this year as well and I'll post about them on Instagram when we do!

Birthday Getaway

For the last few years, Joe and I have always gotten away for a night or two the month of our birthday. You already know that we've got a weekend away planned for this month and we're both really excited! We're both big fans of experiencing things together and making memories and the time away has always been more memorable and meaningful than any gift that we've given each other.

^^ Joe's Birthday 3 Years Ago ^^

Joe says that a birthday is just another day, but I see birthdays as so much more! Joe's birthday for me is a day to celebrate the fact that the man I love exists, and that's kind of a big deal! I'm looking forward to this month full of birthday celebrations clear up until the final day!

What special traditions do you have for celebration birthdays in your marriage?

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