Here at A Prioritized Marriage, we are on a mission to inspire other couples to make their marriage a priority every day, no matter their situation in life! We believe that you can make time for your marriage and your spouse daily using rituals/traditions, communication and quality time. Your relationship doesn't reach perfection the moment you say 'I do'. If you want a strong marriage, you have to work on it continuously!

The goal of A Prioritized Marriage is not to portray what a perfect marriage should look like, because relationships aren't perfect and no two marriages are the same. The posts that you find here will always be a transparent and honest portrayal of a real married relationship that is constantly growing and evolving. The purpose of this blog is not to say what you should or shouldn't be doing in order to have a happy and successful marriage. The purpose of this blog is to encourage couples to look at their own marriages, find areas where there is room for improvement, and set goals to help their marriage relationship reach its full potential!

A Prioritized Marriage is written for everyone. Whether you're still single and preparing for a future relationship, dating someone and starting to think about marriage, engaged and planning for a future together, or married for any length of time, you can choose to change the future of your marriage relationship now and apply these posts to your life. This is a place to find products, companies, ideas, and stories that will benefit your marriage, no matter what stage of life you are in.

I'm Amberly!

aka Amberlita, Wife, Esposita and Ambs

A 20-something year old woman who refuses to grow up!


I have a passion for marriage and family relationships and am currently pursuing a degree in Family Studies with an emphasis on the importance of communication and stress management for healthy relationships. I hope to use my degree to further my goals here on the blog and to become a Marriage and Family Life Educator in my community. I want to share my passion with others and inspire them to become enthused about their own relationships and making them better.

I love everything about being a wife; date nights, taking care of my husband, cooking, planning meals, etc. Music is my other passion; I play the piano and the flute but I get the most joy from singing! Some other things that make me happy include: Showtunes, chocolate, Italian food, traveling, blogging, cooking/baking, the beach, hot chocolate, chick flicks, Gilmore Girls, birthdays and holidays, thunderstorms, planning, musicals, and girl's nights.

He's Joe!

aka Jose, Husband, Lover, and Lambo

A 20-something year old man who dreams big and takes risks!

Joe's biggest passion in life is finances. Although he doesn't have a degree and has no plans to pursue one in the future, Joe takes the time to read books and educate himself on the way money works. He has converted many people to the Dave Ramsey way of life and hopes to inspire everyone to become debt free. He'll talk to anyone who will listen about the importance of saving for retirement as early as possible and taking full advantage of employer offered 401k and other retirement plans. His dream career is real estate, particularly owning and renting out homes, condos, and/or apartments. 

Politics are his other big passion and he can often be found listening to Glen Beck. His other love is catching people who steal, and he likes to investigate organized retail crime the best. Joe is currently working in retail security, runs Mow Joe Lawn Care and Services, and is working on a few other entrepreneurial endeavors as well. His favorite things include: Coke, golf, The Walking Dead, budgeting money, Mt. Dew Kickstart and Baja Blast, researching investments, Taco Bell, Metamucil and meals that aren't fancy.

This is Bensen!

aka Bensen Boy, Little Mister, Monster and Baby Bensen

A handsome boy who has taught us just how big love can be!

Bensen is the newest addition to our family. He has brought so much joy into our little family and has quickly stolen our hearts. Watching him grow has been our favorite and we love his fun little personality! Bensen is always happy and moving, makes the silliest faces and loves attention. His favorite things include: looking at pictures, his puppy, playing with daddy, chewing on his socks, kicking, jumping, bounding and people watching.

And this is Howie!

aka Howard, Mini Monster, Little Creature and Squishy Face

A small puppy with a big personality and lots of love to give!

Howie is our fluffy, playful, energetic puppy and we love him, even though he is naughty sometimes. Joe is the favorite puppy parent; Howie gets so excited to see him, follows him everywhere he goes and loves to rough house and play with him. I'm the one who disciplines Howie when he does something he shouldn't and he hangs out with me when he would rather snuggle than play. Howie loves to eat Cheerios, watermelon, carrots, hamburger, and pumpkin. His favorite things include: belly scratches, chewing on his bone, playing soccer in the backyard, burying bones and treats, children and other animals and snuggling while he sleeps.

Joe and I have been married since June 7, 2011! We're a quirky, fun loving couple who really enjoy spending quality time together. With our busy schedules, getting away for the weekend together every few months has become a priority to us. Some of our favorite activities together include: late night walks, barbecuing on our grill, game nights, going out to dinner, watching Netflix and playing with our puppy.

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