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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Importance of Family

Today is International Day of Families! I talked a lot about family last week on the blog and I am really grateful that we live close to both of our families and get to see them often. We don't always get along, but we have a lot of fun! Our families have a huge influence on our lives, I don't know what we'd do without them!

The Influence of Families on our Lives

They teach us valuable skills- We've both learned how to do a lot of different things from our families over the years. Joe's dad is really great at home improvement projects and he's helped Joe out a lot as he's learned to run a business, do his finances, etc. I mentioned last week that I learned a lot from my mom in the kitchen, and she and my dad have been great to teach us the things we need to be responsible for ourselves in life. When I was a sophomore in high school, I really wanted to paint and redecorate my bedroom. My dad and I spent a week sanding, priming and painting together. A lot of these things have also taught us to work hard and be independent.

They are there to support us- When we told them we were buying a house, within a week, they had all driven past to see what it looked like. They've given us great advice and helped us brainstorm ideas to make the house better. When Joe decided to start a lawn care business (both times), his dad helped him work out little details. When I decided to go to school spontaneously (both times), my mom was excited for me and helped me figure out everything I needed to do to get started.

Family time is important- Every Sunday we spend a couple of hours with both of our families, eating food, laughing until we cry, telling stories, talking about important life topics, learning more about our family history, etc. Time together keeps us close as a family, we make a lot of memories and we're focused on the most important relationships in our life!

We still learn from them - Both Joe and I value our parent's opinions and turn to them for advice often. Just because we're adults and have moved out and started our own home doesn't mean we are done learning from them.

How has your family influenced you?

Ashley of From A to Z is one of the most inspirational people I've ever met (even though we haven't met in person yet). A lot of her posts bring me to tears (in a good way) and the posts she writes about her husband are beautiful! One of these days, we're going to become friends in real life, I'm determined! Two of my favorite posts she's written about her husband, Brady, recently are How Could I Want More? and I'm Never Gonna Be Alone. You will love her perspective on blogging and how honest and open she is about her struggles and experiences in life. I admire Ashley for so many reasons, she is really sweet, has an amazing testimony and faith in her beliefs, is very genuine and wants to make everyone in her life feel important and loved.

What chore do you absolutely hate doing?
The dishes. I have always hated doing the dishes. I would much rather sweep or clean the bathroom.

What is something you learned last month?
That I am set to graduate with my Associates in Psychology Summer 2015!

How would your spouse describe you to someone who has never met you?
She's very outgoing, loud and friendly. She loves making new friends even if she seems shy at first.


  1. I loved this post! I agree completely! I love learning new things about my family and taking on the characteristics of my parents and do what they do!

    And thanks for your sweet words! I'm glad we're friends and I too am determined to meet you in real life someday! :) Thank youuu <3

  2. You are so lucky to have family close by. I still seek my Mother's advice, even though I've been married almost 24 years:) With age comes wisdom, and it would be a shame not to absorb as much of this as possible!

  3. So true!!! :) We love having our families close, it's really nice!

  4. Thanks Ashley!! I think you do a great job of learning from your family, or at least sharing with everyone what you have learned :)

    We live close enough... it would be pathetic if we never met ;)

  5. I love that you have family time every Sunday! I wish our families were closer to do something like that. That's very special!

  6. Meet! Go on a blate and then write about it. :)

  7. It's a lot of fun :) We do take one Sunday a month to ourselves, since it's the only day we have completely free of work, etc. to spend together, but most of them we spend with family!

  8. What a great post! This is all so true and great! Sometimes I really miss my family. All of them. But I am lucky my work pays for me to fly home every once in a while :)

  9. That is lucky!!! :) You do have a great deal that way :)

  10. We live close to our families, and I love it. When we bought our house we purposely bought pretty close to my parents even though we could have gotten a bigger house for the same amount of money a little further away.

  11. Ah, I love that!!! We live about 10 minutes away from our parents right now and this new house will keep us just as close, we're just moving 10 minutes in the opposite direction.

  12. Love to find others out there doing good and blogging well!! This is so important and I agree! Family is so important. Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous weekend!!

  13. I agree family is so important. Visiting from the SITs sharefest and your post caught my eye because of it's title. So grateful for family and the strength they are to me!

  14. Thanks Elizabeth! I agree with you as well! Thanks for stopping by :)

  15. I can't even imagine that, except I guess for the 14 months that I lived 3 hours away from mine for school. I'm glad you have each other though!! :)

  16. thanks Leilani!! Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you feel the same way about family relationships that I do!


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