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Friday, February 7, 2014

My One Day a Week, Stay At Home Husband

I've been giving Joe a lot of grief in some of my posts recently, poor guy. From sharing the story of when he killed the romance in our new marriage to the things he does that I just can't comprehend, my posts have been entertaining, but at his expense. I did read him Wednesday's post and he was laughing the entire time, so I figured he was completely ok with me publishing it! ;)

I love this man

Wednesday was Joe's day off, and as a lot of you know, if you watched our vlog, he likes to spend his day off cleaning (I think he's crazy!). I've been so busy with school, work, life, etc. lately that our apartment is a constant disaster. Last Friday and Saturday I cleaned the kitchen, front room and sort of the bathroom, but by Sunday afternoon, it was a mess again. Most of it is puppy toys, I put them all in the basket and within an hour, he has then scattered all over the apartment again.

Anyway... I put some clothes away and cleaned off the kitchen table before I left on Wednesday, but I was gone for quite a while doing school stuff, so I wasn't super productive. When I got home, my apartment was SO clean! Joe did all of the laundry, made the bed, vacuumed, mopped, took out the garbages, did the dishes and put them away, cleaned the fish tank, bathed the puppy, etc. He even had time to watch some TV and relax.

I kept telling him how amazing he was, and he would get annoyed because I was interrupting his show. I seriously appreciated it though. I don't think he realizes how much stress he relieves when he cleans the apartment. I'm not excited for mowing season to start because he won't be home on his day off to clean, he'll be out grooming people's yards and be too tired to do anything when he gets home. Until then, I'll enjoy the stay at home husband perks that one day a week!

What does your husband help you with on his day off?



  1. Awesomely Over-ZealousFebruary 7, 2014 at 10:22 AM

    Aww that's so sweet! :) This is why I'm not ready to commit to a dog or a kitten yet! My unofficial hubby likes to play PC video games :P but he'll actually always run the dry cleaning, buy last minute groceries on his way home from work, and he'll entertain my son a lot of the time so I can nap. He does a lot of little things that help me out - when its cleaning day he always takes half the load. I can't complain he does spoil me! Happy Friday Amberly! -Iva

  2. Ah, that's awesome! Our puppy has been so great, but he has added a bit of extra work. My husband likes him more than me though, I'm sure of it! ;)

  3. So sweet! I don't think guys realize how much stress relief a clean place can bring! I can't focus on anything else until our apartment is clean which caused a lot of problems last semester! Gage drags his toys everywhere.. My mom says he's just preparing us for the mess our kids will make some day haha.

  4. I loved this! I have really appreciated all the help Ryan has given me with Rilynn while he is at home with us! It has been a precious time (:

  5. How sweet! It's always so nice to come home to a spotless house :)

  6. I'm so glad! :) I bet that is super nice!

  7. Yeah, we won't talk about the disaster I came home to... naughty puppy..

  8. Sometimes my husband gets annoyed when I say thank you or sorry a million times over. Haha love that he just wanted to watch his show! Lol

  9. They should just accept our appreciation gosh darn it!!


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